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Greetings to all our readers in Ethiopia and beyond! With great pleasure, we present to you the first new edition newsletter of the Haramaya University, Office of the Research Affairs.

To differentiate universities along with certain areas of specialization, Ministry of Education (the former Ministry of Science and Higher Education) selected Haramaya University (HrU) as one of the research universities in Ethiopia. In line with this, the University has devel- oped the Ten-Year Strategic Plan (2020/21-2029/30). At the heart of the plan visibility and communicationis among strategic priorities and the focus areas of the University. For this purpose, Research Communication Team was organised under the HrU, Office of Research Affairs. Research Communication Team aimed to foster  the continuous sharing of knowledge and information, key experiences and critical lessons related to research and development interventions of the university, using a diverse range of documentation materials and communication channels.

Thus, therefore, this newsletter is part of this initiative which aimed to enhance knowledge sharing and communication among our audi- ences in Ethiopia and beyond.

In this issue, we provide you with the key updates in which Haramaya University Office of the Research Affairs was actively involved for the past nine-month period (from July 2021 to March 2022).

The updates summarize the key activities and achievements record- ed under the different thematic of the Office of the Research Affairs. Furthermore, this edition shall share success stories recorded by the partnership between Haramaya University and externally funded projects.

This newsletter does not necessarily report all or all of the work of the Office of the Research Affairs. However, the key activities and achievements are presented with beautiful pictures.

Do spare some time for these newsfeeds. We all have a way to go, but the walk is worth it.

犀利士 al-Print-version.pdf”>I welcome feedback and expect the newsletter to continue to evolve. I wish you good reading! please click here to read more

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