Sub-theme 3.4. Postharvest Technology, Processing, and Food Analysis


This sub-theme aims at analysing the process of food production from plant and animal products; developing and improving postharvest technologies for plant and animal products, and designing, developing and evaluating new food products and improving the existing traditional food product processing techniques.


This sub-theme focuses on development of food quality standards; improvement of quality of fresh produce, grains and animal products; development of new food products from indigenous and traditional food resources; improvement of processing methods of traditional and indigenous foods and drinks; improvement of traditional processing equipment (technologies); and solving problems of nutrient deficiencies. Exploration of non-conventional food resources for the potential to develop into acceptable processed food products is also a focus of this sub-theme.  The sub-theme also deals with postharvest management, product development, and processing technologies of industrially and economically important crops.

Research Areas

3.4.1. Postharvest technology, processing, and food analysis for plant/crop products

3.4.2. Postharvest technology, processing, and food analysis for animal products

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Research priorities 2017

Research priorities 2016