University research including post graduate student, staff research, and research conducted in collaboration with national and international organisations and stakeholders is clustered under one of the six thematic areas. All research and extension undertakings shall be coordinated by research sub-theme leaders, research theme leaders, and Director for Research Groups and Partnerships, with the supports of the Director for Research Extension and Publication, Director for Research Facilities and Director for seed inspection and certification. All university bodies involved in facilitating and coordinating research shall be led by the Vice-President for Research Affairs.

Research at the Haramaya University is focused across 6 research themes reflecting our interdisciplinary strengths in some of the key global challenge areas of the 21st century

Haramaya University possesses several research and technology  demonstration stations in  eastern Ethiopia. These include Kersa, Hirna ,Tony Farm (Dire Dawa), Babile, Erer Guda, Fedis, Gurawa,  Erer Berkele, and Haramaya University Main campus (Animal and crop Research stations).

Generating technologies cannot be an end by itself. The generated technologies should be transferred to the end users in order to bring the measurable impacts.

The director provides seed inspection and certification for seed producers in East and West Hararghe Zones.

The Director for Research Groups and Partnerships (DRGP) owns the process of formulating and identifying research thematic areas of the university, and prepares the programmers of executing the research undertakings.