Theme II. Human Health, Nutrition, and Welfare

Tadesse Alemayehu Wondim 
Academic Rank: 
Assistant Professor
Specialization:  PhD in Public Health; Master of international Community Health and Bachelor Science in Environmental Health

Research Interests
Health care waste management
Infection prevention
Health institution acquired infection

  Contact Details

Telephone (mobile):+251-911-05-26-56,


Postal Address: Haramaya University, College of Health and Medical Sciences, P.O.Box 235, Harar, Ethiopia

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About the theme

Attaining full health and high living standard are central aspects for all development efforts. To achieve this, several policies and strategies have been set though there are a lot of multidimensional complexities towards meeting high life standards. Therefore, it is necessary to identify these hurdles in achieving human aspirations. The government of Ethiopia has put health at its forefront goals and devised a four-tier health delivery system connecting the health extension and promotion services to highly specialized disease management. Researching on major health issues is also given due emphasis in the country’s programmes.

This theme shall focus on priority areas of health promotion, disease prevention, treatment of diseases, and rehabilitative efforts to human health problems and major reproductive, maternal, and child health concerns. Host, pathogen, environment interaction in relation of the occurrence health and wellness in one aspect and disease and disability in the other hand shall also be dealt with under this theme.

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