Sub-Theme 6.1. Biosciences Research


The main aim of this subtheme is to explore and document biodiversity resources; to advance fundamental understanding of complex biological processes; to generate knowledge that alleviate problems of climate change, food security and health; and to generate bioscience knowledge and technologies that may contribute to production of bio-fuels and industrial materials from novel biological sources.


Bioscience research sub-theme covers studying of organisms from molecular and cellular levels up to the whole organism, population, and ecosystem. Research under this sub-theme focuses on systematics, diversity, physiology, ecology and genetics of plants, animals, microbes, and tools and technologies underpinning biological research.

Research Areas

6.1.1. Microbiological research

6.1.2. Zoological research

6.1.3. Botanical research

6.1.4. Genetics research

6.1.4. Biotechnology and molecular biology research

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Research priorities 2017

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