Sub-theme 2.4.        Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health


This sub-theme focuses on research related to reproductive health, maternal and child health, young people’s reproductive health and related issues, and HIV/AIDS problems and using generated knowledge and technologies in the prevention and control of the health problems.


This sub-theme focuses on reproductive health problems such as reproductive and sexual health issues with particular focus on women, children, and young people; sexually transmitted illnesses including HIV/AIDS; substance use/abuse; unmet need for reproductive health services; and harmful traditional practice on young people, women, and children. Maternal health problems associated with pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition and hygienic practices during pregnancy and lactation are vital thrusts of this sub-theme. Furthermore, research on child health issues, including health promotion activities, causes of child morbidity and mortality, ways of creating favourable and productive socio-economic and learning conditions for young people, is also a concern of this sub-theme.

Research Areas

2.4.1. Reproductive and sexual health

2.4.2. Maternal and child health

2.4.3. Young people’s reproductive health and substance use/abuse

2.4.4. HIV/AIDS

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