Sub-theme 3.3. Energy Resources Development and Utilization 


The aim of this sub-theme is to provide accurate and quantitative information on energy feasibility, potential, efficiency, and synthesis of various energy sources, and characterization and design of cost effective photovoltaic cells that are scalable for commercial purposes.


The sub-theme focuses on research work to deliver a robust estimate of the temporal and spatial distribution of unutilized potential of renewable energy sources and investigates the impact of energy exploration on the environment. It investigates the physics of photovoltaic cell focusing on efficiency and low cost method of scalability. At lower levels, it also aims at investigating and developing wind turbine that could be used at household level. The sub-theme further explores the possibility of designing energy-efficient inexpensive stoves with locally available raw materials.

Research Areas

3.3.1. Wind energy

3.3.2. Solar energy

3.3.3. Hydropower energy

3.3.4. Geothermal energy

3.3.5. Fossil fuel energy

3.3.6. Bio-energy

3.3.7. Nuclear energy


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