Sub-theme 1.2. Plant Production and Health


The aim of this sub-theme is to undertake research related to improving plant productivity, quality, and health. This is done through generating better technologies of agronomic practices and plant improvement for different agro-ecologies.


Conducting research on priority crops through exploring and utilization of genetic potentials and manipulating environmental conditions through appropriate agronomic and cultural practices, including technologies that help to optimize the profitability and sustainability of cropping systems are among the major activities under this sub-theme. These include variety selection, plant breeding, weed management, tillage, crop rotation and selection, and management of plant nutrients.

Molecular (marker assisted selection) and tissue culture techniques in variety development and producing disease free propagating materials is also the target of this sub-theme. Enhancing availability of improved seed and other propagating material through integrated seed sector supply system also falls under this sub-theme. In addition, the sub-theme also addresses landscaping and floriculture.

Research Areas

1.2.1. Field crops

1.2.2. Horticultural crops

1.2.3. Harar coffee

1.2.4. Spices

1.2.5. Bio-energy plants

1.2.6. Industrial crops

1.2.7. Forage crops

1.2.8. Indigenous trees/shrubs and medicinal/aromatic plants

1.2.9. Soil fertility, quality, and productivity

1.2.10. Plant diseases, pests, and weeds

1.2.11. Germplasm enhancement and maintenance


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