To facilitate the various research works in the university, the following guidelines are prepared:

Guidelines for Administering Externally Funded Projects 

 Management of externally funded projects becomes more effective when it is based upon clear guidelines. Carefully formulated guidelines facilitate proper administration of ongoing as well as future project works and support the university’s interest to promote the generation, advancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and enhance its commitment toward advancing the public interest. Therefore, the purpose of this document is to establish a framework for proper management of externally funded projects.

 Guidelines for Establishing Merit of Publications and Creative Works at Haramaya University

Haramaya University has been conferring academic promotions up on its staff members based on criteria set in its Senate Legislation. However, with the dramatic increases in the number of scholarly and creative works produced at the University as well as with the rising challenges being posed by poor quality and/or unethical publication outlets, establishing merit of scholarly publications and creative works has now become more onerous than ever before. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare and use guidelines to thoroughly vet publications and creative works submitted by staff members for academic promotions, employment, and related purposes.

Guidelines for Research Incentives and Rewards (Draft)

In Haramaya University, researchers have long been engaged in research activities that benefited the local communities and the nation at large. However, researchers have not been adequately recognized for their contributions through incentive mechanisms. As a result, the university could not ensure its researchers’ full engagement in result-oriented research activities. Thus, to increase research outputs, stimulate participation in research endeavors, enhance competitiveness and raise the university profile at national and international levels, it is important to create incentive and award system for acknowledging staff for their contributions. This document is meant to provide a framework for merit-based recognition of researchers. The ultimate goal is to build motivated and devoted scientific or scholarly community in the university.

  • Guidelines for Research Incentives and Rewards

Research Proposal, Research Report, Manuscript, and Policy Brief (Draft)

Over the past decades, Haramaya University has been expanding. New colleges, departments, schools, programs, research institutes and centers are emerging. These academic units are required to undertake research in their respective areas. Cognizant of this, the university has organized its research activities in thematic areas. Besides, the university has increased its national and international research collaborations. The volume of research being carried out in the university is also increasing. Therefore, it is imperative to have a uniform system of research activities. This will create a comprehensive platform for managing and sharing knowledge and experiences. Thus, this document provides a framework for preparing research proposals, reports, manuscripts and policy briefs so that researchers follow uniform styles