Sub-theme 1.3. Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change


The aim of this theme is to sustainably improve livelihoods, reduce poverty and ensure food security using research-based solutions to environmental problems, land degradation and ecosystem services.


The sub-theme focuses on researching and developing sound management practices and technologies for high priority environmental challenges, such as pollution (of water, soil and air), climate change, disasters (drought, flood, and landslide), and trade-offs between environmental laws and investment and seeking solutions for problems related to major natural resources use and management (soil, forest, land, biodiversity and ecosystems).

Research Areas

1.3.1. Environmental research, development, and management

1.3.2. Natural resources analysis, use, and management

1.3.3. Water resources assessment, development, utilization, and management

1.3.4. Climate change and its management

1.3.5. Non-renewable resources

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Research priorities 2017

Research priorities 2016