InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Firehiwot Mesfin, Bekele BelayihunInfant Feeding Practice, Nutritional Status and Sero Status of Children Born From HIV Infected Women in Harar and Dire Dawa, Eastern EthiopiaIIIII20112013
Kedir Teji, Yadeta Dessie, Tesfaye AssebeDietary Habits and Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls in Kersa District, Eastern EthiopiaIIIII20112013
Anteneh Belayneh, Dr. Negussie Bussa, Prof. Sebsebe DemissewThe potential of Aloes (eret) to contribute in the Ethiopian economy: opportunity to support the emerging food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industriesIIIII20122014
Habtamu MitikuPrevalence of Adverse Drug Reaction and Associated Factors among HIV-Infected Adults on Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Harar Town Eastern EthiopiaIIII20132015
Fitsum Weldegebrel (PI) Zelalem Teklemariam
Degu Abate FikeduUrgesa, Dereje Meaza, Getachew Kabew, Salah MohammedSymptomatic and Asymptomatic Urinary Tract Infection among Diabetic Patients in Harari Governmental and Private Hospitals, Eastern EthiopiaIII20132015
Getachew Kabew Agumasie Semahagn Lemmesa OijiraPrevalence of hepatitis B/C Virus (HBV or HCV) Co-Infection with HIV and its Associated Factors among ART Started HIV-Infected Individuals in HiwotFana Specialized teaching Hospital and Jeugol Hospital EthiopiaIIII20132015
Fekadu Urgessa, Degu Abate, Gudina EgataQuantification of Feto-maternal Hemorrhage among Rhesus D negative Pregnant Mothers using the Kleihauer-Betke test and Flow cytometry (using Anti-D and Anti-Human Fetal Hemoglobin)IIII20132015
Helina Befekadu, Mulu Brhanu, HunderaWomen in Informal Businees: Challenges for Entrepreneurial Development in the Case of Harar, Dire Dawa and Jijiga Cities, EthiopiaIIII20132015
Murad Ali, Megersa Debela, Tewfiq BamudTechnical Efficiency of Selected Hospitals in Eastern EthiopiaIII20132015
Mr. Tadesse Bekele Tesfaye GebrelEvaluation of Supply Chain Management of Antiretroviral (ARV) Drugs based on WHO Core IndicatorsIII20132015
Muhedin Redi, Ayele Geleto, Behailu Hawulte Desalegn AdmasuAssessment of Health Status and Associated Factors among inter University Sport Festival Participants at Haramaya University.III20132015
Alem Alemayehu Getachew KabewClinical features and etiologic agents of dermatophytic fungal infection of skin, hair and nail among primary school children in harari regional state,EthiopiaIIII20142016
Fitsum Weldegebreal Dereje Meaza Mulatu AsfawAssessment of non-critical health care tools used by staffs and students: their role in the transmission of nosocomial infections in hiwot fana specialized university hospital and jugal hospital, harar townIIII20152017