Sub-theme 2.1. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


The main aim of this sub-theme is to undertake research on health promotion and disease prevention including studies on safe water supply and waste management, control of communicable diseases, housing, and occupational health and safe working condition.


This sub-theme focuses on studies related to identification, development, and provision of safe water supply; management of human and animal wastes; prevention and control of communicable diseases with particular focus on malaria, tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases, water and airborne diseases, diseases that are transmitted by vectors and animals; proper housing, illumination, ventilation and diseases associated with improper housing; and occupational health and hygienic practices as well as safe working condition. The theme also deals with finding ways of protecting workers from potentially hazardous poisonous chemicals and toxic substances.

Research Areas

2.1.1. Safe water supply and effective waste management

2.1.2. Prevention and control of communicable diseases

2.1.3. Prevention and control of zoonotic diseases

2.1.4. Occupational health, safety and risk management

2.1.5. Housing/health problems in residential and institutional environment

2.1.6. Physical fitness and exercises


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