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East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (EAJSSH) is the official journal of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Haramaya University. Its purpose is to serve as a forum for intellectual exchange on a wide range of the social, historical, environmental, and political issues that affect humans in multiple ways and are in turn affected by dynamics and processes of humans’ interventions. Contributions are thus welcome from the diverse and interrelating fields of social sciences and humanities such as Sociology, Social Work, Social Anthropology, History, Political Sciences, Human Geography, Gender and Development Studies, Social Psychology, Peace and Development/Conflict Studies, Linguistics, Literature and Folklore, Cultural Studies, Law, Media and Communication Studies, Tourism and Development, Urban Planning (its social aspects), and Education. The journal gives priority to empirical works, but also encourages outstanding contributions that deal with the methodological and theoretical dilemmas spanning the fields of social sciences and humanities. Critical reviews of newly published books and short research communications are also considered.

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