InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Admkew Haile Mesay TikuImpact of effective leadership on corporate successVI20142016
Teshome Lejissa Bekelu Teshome Million SileshiCausalities of increment and farm-to-food price dynamics in the context of change in real income: A case of Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaVI20142016
Mukerem Taha Yohannes Mulugeta Mulu BerhanuDeterminants and effect of multidimensional poverty in Western Hararghe zoneVI20142016
Dr. Belaineh Legesse Dr. Jema Haji Alelign AdemeDeterminants of agricultural commercialization and productivity of smallholder farm households in eastern EthiopiaVI20142016
Melese Sitotaw Desalegn AmlakuRural enterpreneurship and small enterprise development in ethiopia, implication for livelihood diversification: The case of east hararghe zone of oromia national regional stateVI20142016
Mesay Tiku Melese Sitotaw Admkew HaileAn assessment of women leadership empowermnet, barriers, challenges, opportunities and experiencesVI20142016
Samiya Abdulahi Amare MabrieUrban multidimensional poverty and vulnerability in eastern Ethiopia The case of dire dawa, harar and jigjiga townsVI20142016
Dr. Jema HajiRural women's non-farm entreprenuship: patterns, determinants, and impacts on household welfare and foood security in eastern EthiopiaVI20142016
Abdurehman Aliye Dr. Adem Kedir Muhammednur AhmedResponsibilities of higher education institutions for sustainable development: The case of Ethiopian universityVI20142016
Aman Kiniso Tofik AbdoAnalyzing determinants of local instutions/organizations for natural resource management and their impacts on conflict management: The case of west Hararghe Zone oromia National Regional StateVI20142016
Ararsa Gudisa Dessaleng Duguma Getachew Workineh Gedamu AmareProspects and Implementation Gaps of current urban land lease holding policy of ethiopia: evidences from dire dawa city.VI20142016
Gashaw Jifara Timketa Dagne Waktole MosisaEnhancing vegetable crop, poultry and fish productivity through integration aquaculture and irrigated agriculture, at chiro, Ethiopia.VI20142016
Henock Semaw Abdurahman Aliyi Saleamlak Walellign Anketse BirhanuFinancial sustainability and outreach performance of saving and credit cooperatives: The case of eastern harargeVI20152017
Dr. Belaineh Legesse Zewdie HabteIndustrial policy impacts on local economy, and quantity supply and incentives in wheat value chain: the case of arsi zone in ethiopiaVI20152017
Ankets Birhanu Tesfaye Abera Dr. Garkebo BashaEntreprencurial motivation and self-employment intention among public and private university undergraduate students: The case of higher institutions in eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Habtamu Balew Fireyihun FikruThe nature and determinationts of urban youth unemployment in eastern ethiopia(The case of harar and jijiga cities)VI20152017
Sima Gudeta Wondmagegn Biru Kibrysfaw GetahunDeterminants of growth and sustainability of micro and small enterprises (MSE's) in eastern ethiopia: evidence from harar, dire dawa and haramayaVI20152017
Ermias Bogale Kiros GtetDeterminants of voluntary disclosure of financial information by ethiopian tax payers: in case of eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Sisay Lemma Wondeson Belachew Mustefa Abdulkadir Daniel TaddesseImproved forage and fruit tree based watershed management for sustainable livelihood of the community: the case of west hararghe highlands, oromia regional state, ethiopiaVI20152017
Sileshi Gadissa Dr. Preetha V.V Dr. Negassi Ameha Tesfaye Muluye Dagne Bayeh Arayaselassie AbebeCommunity based, development of small scale fish farming practices: for nutrition and livelihood diversification in east hararghe and harari, eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Musa Hasen Kasahun Mamo Amero TazezeAdoption of integrated soil fertility management and its impact on productivity and farmers wellbeing: A case study from maize producing farmers of eastern hararghe, ethiopiaVII20152017
Alemayehu Beyene Muktar ReshadScaling-up of faidherbia albida and moringa ileifera based evergreen agriculture to enhance agricultural land productivity: the case of mieso district, west hararghe, oromia national regional state, ethiopiaVII20152017
Megarsa Debela Sisay DiribaSupply - Demand for Clean Water in Eastern Ethiopia: Challenges of Improved Water ProvisionVI20162018
Mulugeta Damie Sisay Diriba Abdureman AliyiAgricultrual Product Competitiveness, Profitability and Sustainability in Eastern Ethiopia with the Focus of Vegetabe ProductionVI20162018
Abadi Teferi Megarsa DebelaInstitutional Challenges of Poverty Reduction and Household Coping Mechanisms: The Case of Eastern EthiopiaVI20162018
Abdurhaman Aliyi Tesfaye LemmaDetermainants of Compliance Behavior of Taxpayers and Their Compiance Costs in Eastern ethiopiaVI20162017
Alem Mezgebo Haile AregayeneResouce Utilization and Profit Efficiency in Potato Production in Eastern Harerghe, Oromia Regional State, EthiopiaVI20162018
Hadas Temesgen Abdurehman AliyiOpportunities and Chalenges of Cooperatives in Cooperatives in Empowering women the Case of Eastern HarargeVI20162017
Sisay Diriba Nugussie Dachasa Magarsa DebelaSpeed of Technology Adoption In Ethiopian Agriculture System: The Case Of Improved Potato Varicties In Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Muluken Gezahegn Jemal Yousuf Dereje Kifle Nasir AbdaDemonstrating the Potential of Integrated Animal and Crop Source Food to Improve Income, Food and Nutrition of Smallholder Farmers: The case of Horticultural Crop and Poultry in Selected Kebeles of Haramaya DistrictVII20162018
Dereje Kifle Jemal Yousuf Muluken Gezahegn Kadija KadiroInvestory of Demonstrated, Adopted and Sealed Up Agricultral Technologies and Impact Assessment of Selected Scaled Up Technologies in Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Tarekegn Getachew Feyisa Hundessa Tesfaye Lemma Negassi Ameha Admasu BogaleEmpowering Unemployed Educated Urban and Peri-Urban Youth and Women Through Poultry Development at Babile District, Eastern HarargheVII20162018
Mulatu Wakgari Moges Dereje Feyisa Hundessa Tesfaye Lemma Negassi Ameha Admasu BogaleEmpowering rural and urban youth and women through market-oriented small-scale beekeeping development in selected districts of Eastern HarargheVII20162018
Million Sileshi Jema HajiImpact of Soil and Water Conservation Practices on Vulnerability to Food Insecurity of Farming Households in Eastern EthiopiaVII20162017