Sub-theme 3.2. Advanced Material Research and Development


The aim of this sub-theme is to synthesize/fabricate and develop novel materials in macro/micro/nanoscale that have applications in areas such as energy and environment, agriculture and food, health and medicine, engineering, electronics and IT.


This sub-theme focuses on the synthesis, fabrication, and device development of novel materials such as polymers, composites, hybrids, semiconductors, ion exchangers, sorbents, coordination/organometallic compounds that have unique optical, magnetic, electrical, structural, mechanical, thermal and other important functional properties. The functional properties are meant for development and production of solar cells, photo catalytic degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants, separation science and technology (sorption, exchange), sensor, and various other applications.

Research Areas

3.2.1. Fabrication/development and applications of nanomaterials and nano device

3.2.2. Fabrication/development of bulk materials

3.2.3. Monitoring and control of hazards of nanomaterials

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