Sub-theme 2.2.        Advances in Curative and Rehabilitative Health Services and Disease Management


The aim of this sub-theme is to carry out research geared towards improving the health and quality of human life with a particular focus on disease management and rehabilitative care. The sub-theme also emphasizes on emerging but neglected health problems.


This sub-theme investigates the biopharmaceutical and pharmacological aspects of herbal medicines, development of diagnostics and diagnostic technologies, therapeutics, vaccines and biologicals.  It also examines ways to enhance the quality and efficiency of human health care service delivery. In addition, it also focuses on studies related to epidemiological patterns, diagnostic, preventive, curative and control strategies for common cold and emergency cases at paediatric, surgical, medical, and obstetrics/gynaecology cases. It also focuses on chronic and degenerative diseases. This sub-theme also encompasses studies on emerging but neglected non-communicable human health problems.

Research Areas

2.2.1. Development and evaluation of therapeutics, diagnostics, and biologicals

2.2.2. Human health care delivery system for health problems

2.2.3. Service delivery methods and approaches for emerging but neglected human health problems


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Research priorities 2016

Research priorities 2017