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The Office of Research Affairs is the university’s central point connecting scholars on campus or those associated with the University to opportunities for funding and a variety of services. Haramaya University’s strength in research excellence is supported by partnerships with industry, creating opportunities that generate new knowledge and innovation.


Undertaking demand-driven, problem-solving, and cutting-edge research, and disseminating generated and adapted knowledge and technologies for socio-economic transformation of the society.


Haramaya University aspires to become one of the best research universities in Africa by the year 2025.




  • Academic Freedom
  • Perseverance
  • Good Governance
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Collaborative Spirit
  • Fostering Creativity/ Innovation
  • Respect for Nature and Environment
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Released Speckled

The National Variety Release Committee approved the release of DAB 410 common bean variety for production based on its field performance and other data on its recent meeting.

Huge Congratulations! to all Scientific Communities

It is great honor to announce that our open access journals, namely, East African Journal of Sciences, Haramaya Law Review and East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities are nationally accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on December 18, 2020.

New Groundnut Variety released by Haramaya Univesrsity

Two New Groundnut Varieties Released

Haramaya University released two new groundnut varieties. These new additions contribute to the numerous quality seed provision the University has made to this day.


Haramaya University’s

Publications in Reputable Journals Indexed by Scopus

Our staff members have published more than 1,415 journal articles in reputable journals (indexed by Scopus) with a citation count of more than 40,000 in the last ten years (2010 to 2019).  Of these, more than 60% were from College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, and College of Health and Medical Sciences. Of the total publications, 45.8% were co-authored with international partners in other countries or regions (see graph below for the distribution of the publications in terms of discipline). This certainly increases the visibility of our university in international arenas.


The research office truly appreciates the hard-working staff members of the University for publishing their research works in publications with international stature. We will like to assure you that the research office will continue supporting you in publishing your research work in reputable journals.

Figure: Research Publications in reputable journals powered by Scopus (2010 to 2019)

Agriculture, Environmental & Biological Sciences
Medical and Health



research affairs

Haramaya University Scientific Journals

Haramaya university has periodically published 5 scientific journals, namely, East African Journal of Sciences, East African Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences, East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, East African Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Haramaya Law Review and Proceedings of El-Nino. In addition to these, a number of conference proceedings such as 35th Annual research conference Proceedings are published in three volume.

Research office activity

Seed Inspection

Quality certified seed is the starting point to a successful crop and livestock feed production as well as an important risk management tool. Haramaya University, delegated by Oromia BoA provides seed inspection and certification services in east and west Hararghe zones of Oromia Regional State for all seed producers. 


this vegetable crop is very rich in Iron, Vitamin A and Calcium and its very nutritious nature makes it ideal for mothers to consume. It is advisable to cook the leaves for 20-25 minutes before cooking them as desired.

Training of Trainers

the training was organized for 45 District Agricultural Experts from 15 Districts in East Haraghe, Dire Dawa Administration, and Harari Regional State on ‘irrigation water development and management, Nutrition sensitive agriculture and Post-harvest Management’

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The University has released several high yielding crop varieties. From the total amount of improved seeds in the country, 27% has been released by the university. Besides, we are working with 93 Farmers Training Centers (FTCs) for disseminating technologies.

In addition, The University as a whole produced 160 books and research bulletin, 62 book chapters, published more than 5600 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and 500 proceedings.    

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Research Grant Management system

Haramaya University Research Grant Management System allows a research office to eliminate the work delay, facilitate the review process, minimize wastage of resource (save time & cost), minimize loss of documents, improve administrative reporting, improve response time, facilitate the research grant application process and improve the flow of information among research communities. The system also able to make the easy way of proposal submission, track any updates and status of submitted research proposals, notifications for any updates, easy reporting, and review process. With the use of a system, research office can be able to manage the overall flow of proposal submission to final research reporting activities in a more organized manner.

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