InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Estifanos Hawaz Sissay Menkir Teklemariam GueshIsolation and molecular characterization of lactic acid bacteria from dhanaan and and evaluation of its in vitro growth inhibition activities against Helicobacter pyloriIII20142016
Ayele Geleto Hiwot Yisak Gudina Egata Degu AbateIntensified tuberculosis case finding and implementation of isoniazid preventiveIII20142016
Behailu Hawulte Degu Abate Asnake ArarsaAnemia and its determinants among haramaya university students, eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Kedir Urgessa Nejat HassenCommunity based study of Voluntary Blood Donation Knowledge and Practice and their determinants among adults in Harar Town and Dire Dawa Adminstrative council, East EthiopiaIII20142016
Zerihun Ataro Fekadu UrgessaClinical, Biochemical and Hematological Effects of Occupational Lead Exposure Among Garage workers, Harar Town, Eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Yohannes Tefera Biniyam NegussieOpportunities and challenges to intergrate micro and small enterprises in solid waste management for common residential buildings (condominiums) in harar and dire dawa citiesIII20142016
Meron Yeshitila Dr. Mandefro Sintayehu Dereje Meaza Haymanot Mezmur Sheferaw Leta Abera Kenay Tahir AhmedActive trachoma and associated risk factors among children 1-9 years of age in haramaa wereda, eastern harerge EthiopiaIII20142016
Hussein Mohammed Abdulbasit Musa Najet HassenAssessment of prevalence of dysmenorrhoea and PMS and its effect on school performance among secondary school adolescent girls.III20142016
Nega Baraki Wondimye AshenafiAwareness onpublic health importance of cockraches and its prevalence in residential houses of harar town, harari region, eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Beker Feto Dr. Dagnachew Sama Dr.Haji KedirAssessment of seroprevalence of rubella infection and associated risk factors among pregnant women in harari region, eastern ethiopia; disclosing mothers susceptibility to rubella infectionIII20142016
Konjit Hailu Moti ToleraPrevalence of salmonella, shigella, intestinal parasite and antimicrobial resistance parttern among food handlers of haramaya university; An interventional researchIII20142016
Moti Tolera Degu AbateMagnitude, rise factors and antimicrobial susceptiblity profile of hospital acquired infection, among patients admited to hiwot fana specialized university hospital, harar city, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Tekabe Abdosh Fitsum W/Gebreal Zelalem T/Mariam Habtamu Mitiku Tekabe AbdoshMagnitude of cardiovascular diseases and its risk factors in diabetic patients in dire dawa city adminstration, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Yonatan Moges Hiwot Yisak Andualem Dereje Firehiwot MesfinEffect of multiple micronutrient supplementations in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in eastern Ethiopia: arandomized controlled traialIIII20142016
Jemal Mohamed Zelalem T/Mariam Fitsum W/Gebreal Yimaj Abdulwahab Habtamu MitikuClinico-epidemiological of Schistosomia mansoni and malacolgical study in Bedeno Woreda, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Aboma Motumma Tahir Ahmed Abera Teklwold Lemma NegesaPrevalance of common matal illness and associated factors among HIVIIII20142016
Fekadu Urgessa Zerihun Ataro Abdela GemechuImpact of HBV and HCV infection on clinical chemistry and immunohaematological outcomes of highly active antiretroviral therapy among HIV patients at hiwot fana university specialized hospital, harar, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Mulugeta Nega Agumasie Semehegn Amein EwunetieDrug non adherence and associated factors, among patients with major psychiatric disorders attending at psychiatry clinics of hiwot fana specialized university hospital and dire dawa chora hospital, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Bitseat Weldegebriel Tesfaye Digaffe Fitsum W/GabrielDeterminants of serum lipid profile and body fat distribution among diabetic patients in harar town, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Simegnew Adugna Dr. Belachew BachaDetection and quatification of frequently used veterinary drugs form bovine meat and milk, eastern ethiopiaIIIII20142016
Hiwot Yisak Tilaye Feto Balewgize Sileshi Tesfaye GobenaImpact of zinc supplementation on stunting among children aged 6 to 59 months: Community based randomized control trail, in haramaya rural kebele, eastern Ethiopia, 2014IIIII20142016
Fitsum W/Gebreal Tesfaye DigaffeDietary diversity and associated factors among HIV positive adults attending ART clinic at hiwot fana and dilchora hospitals eastern EthiopiaIIIII20142016
Asnake Ararsa Hiwot Yisak Gudina EgataFood security and nutritional status of under five chilred among productive safety net program beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries in east hararge zone kombolcha woredaIIIII20142016
Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik Abreham Hiluf Hiwot Yisaknutritional profiles of tuberculosis patients in selected Hospitals in Harar and HaramayaIIIII20142016
Abreham Hiluf Fitsum W/Gebreal Hiwot Yisak Bizatu Mengistea Merhawi G/MedhinAssessment of community attiude towards urban health extension programm and associated factors in harar townIIIV20142016
Elias Bekele Fekadu Urgessa Yadeta DesieMaternal and perinatal outcomes of a pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes and asssociated risk factors among pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in hiwot fana specialized referral hospital, harar town, eastern Ethiopia. A longitudinal studyIIIV20142016
Haymanot Mezmur Agumasie Semahagne Balewgizie SileshiKnowledge and Partograph Utilization for prompt decision among Health Professionals for Quality Maternity care at public health institutions Eastern Ethiopi; Information for ActionIIIV20142016
Abdella Gemechu Abdulbasit Musa Jemal AbdelaRisk factors and microbial isolates in puerperal sepsis and their in vitro antibiotic sensitivity in hiwot fana specialized university hospitals, eastern EThiopiaIIIV20142016
Dagu Abate Asnake ArarsaPre-harvest microbial load, prevalence and antibiograms of selected vegetables in eastern ethiopia 2016III20152017
Wegene Waltenegus Wagi TosisaAwareness on health benefits of physical exercise and its practice for prevention of common chronic diseases among adults in harar twon, eastern ethiopia, 2015III20152017
Binyam Negussie Mulugeta NegaEpidemiological assessment of mental health problems and its contributing factors among public university students of eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Nejat Hassen Ayichew SeyoumSurvival and predictors of mortality among patients under multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Birhanu Motbaynor Shimelis Kumbi Alemu TadesseIsolation and characterization of antimicrobial compounds from the exudates of antimicrobial compounds from the exudates of traditional medicinal plant croton marcostachyus (Bisana)IIII20152017
Maereg Teklay G/hiwot G/tsaddik Esie G/wahid Abadi Abay Sisay Menkir Mekonen Yimer Melkamu MeridRadar sat based malaria risk analysis, characterization and modeling in erer district eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Zelalem T/Mariam Habtamu MitikuSeroprevalance, trends of transfusion transmitted infections and evaluation of pre donation screening performance at blood banking unit in eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Habtamu Mitiku Zelalem T/MariamNon-typhoidal salmonella bacteremia and its co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus among a patients in hiwot fana and jugal hospitals, harar, eastern ethiopiIIII20152017
Zerihun Ataro Jiregna Feye Tekabe AbdoshMagnitude and risk factors of non-communicable diseases among HIV positive individuals receiving HAART at hiwot fana specialized university hospital, harar eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Gari Hunduma Tesfaye Digaffe Fitsum WeldegebrealDeterminants of common mental illness among residents of harari regional state, eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Juhar Abas Andargie Zelalem Lemma DegebasaMicrobiological quality and safety of readymade meat and its products in retail market of aweday town, southeastern ethiopiaIIIII20152017
Tilayie Feto Yadeta Dessie Aklilu Abraham Aboma Motumma Yehonis Ayelew Nega Assefa Fikirte TsigeInitiating human breast milk banking services in hiwot fana haramaya specialized university hospital(Human milk bank foundation in ethiopia), 2015-2020IIIII20152017
Abebe Getu Getachew GashawThe level of aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, and G2) in wheat and corn flours produced in harerge region using triiple quad liquid chromatography with mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS)IIIII20152017
Getachew Gashaw Abebe Getu Muketar ReshidEvaluation of antioxidant activity, total phenolic and total flavonoids content of four medicinal plants; the case of gemechis western hararge regionIIIII20152017
Dr. Tesfaye Gobena Dr. Gudina Egata Anteneh EshetuDeterminants on utilization of delivery services in health posts among pregnant women who gave birth in the last 12 months in rural kebeles of east hararghe zone, eastern ethiopiaIIIV20152017
Mulugeta Nega Haymanot Mezmure Mulatuwa AyalewThe prevalence associated factors and impacts of premenstrual dysphoric disorder on academic and social performances of haramaya university female studentIIIV20152017
Wegene Waltenegus Selamawit ErisoThe Knowledge and attitude of urban pregnant women towards pre-Birth physical activity in the case of selected Hospitals in Harar and Dire Dawa Cities, EthiopiaIII20162017
Behailu Hawulte Tewdros Tesfa Melkamu MeridSelf-Care Practice and Associated Factors to Prevent Diabetic Complications Among Diabetic's Patients Attending Follow Up Clinic at Public Health Hospitals of Harar and Dire DawaIII20162017
Degu Abate Behailu Hawulte Chala Mohammed Ayele Geleto Twodros TesfaSeroprevalence of Hepatitis B Virus and Potential Risk Factors Among Health Care Providers, Waste Collectors and Clinically Engaged Students in Public Health Facilities of Eastern EthiopiaIII20162018
Biniyam Negussie Mesfin G/Hiwot Tesfaye DigaffeCommunity's Perception towards Environmetal Causes of major Communicable Diseases: A Study Using Mixed Design in Harari Region, Eastern EthiopiaIII20162017
Wegene Waltenigus Eyasu Merhatsidk HJ Van HeerdenAnthropometric Profile and Physical Performances fo Youth Football Players in The Ethiopian Foothall Talent Identification ProgramIII20162017
Zerihun Ataro Melkamu Merid Aklilu Abreham Tesfaye DigafeGender Differences in Perceived Stigma and Coping Strategies; and Impairments of Renal and Hepatic Function among HIV Positive Patients in Harar Town, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Yohanes Ayele G.Vijai Basker Tilayie Feto Yadeta Dessie Behailu HawulteAssessment of Quality of Pharmacy Services and Associated Factors in Public Hospitals in Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Dadi Marami Shiferaw Letta Andualem Derese Degu Abate Lemma NegesaPrevalence of Urinary Tract Infection, Antimicrobialsusceptibility Pattern of Isolates, and Associated Factors among Women and Fistula Patients attending Governmental Health Facilities and Hamlin Fistula Center in Harar, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Fitsum Weldegebreal Aklilu Abrham Abyot Asfaw Mahantash Neganuri Bahubali JG. Frehiwot Mesfin Hilina Befekadu Eden Tesfaye Habtamu Mitiku Tamrat Tesfaye Zelalem TeklemariamGender role, Case finding by genotyping and Quality of life among TB patients, treatment adherence among MDR-TB cases and treatment outcomes among children with TB cases in Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Tigist Gashaw Mekonnen Sisay Getnet Mengsitu Tewodros Tesfa Firehiwot Amare Yohanes BayeDetermination of prescription pattern, susceptibility testing, and drug use evaluation of antibacterial agents in governmental hospitals of Harar town, Eastern Ethiopia.IIII20162018
Teshager Worku Frehiwot Mesfin Yehenew Mekonnen Maleda Tefera Berhanu Yazew Mulugeta NegaOccupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Associated Factors Among Nurses in Selected East Ethiopia Referral and Teaching Public Hospitals, 2017.IIII20162018
Meron Yishitila Teshager Worku Frihiwot Mesfin Shiferaw Leta Tilaye FetoEvidence-Based Practice Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Associated Factors among Professional Nurses and Physicians in Harari Regional State, Eastern Harerge Zone and Dire Dawa City Administration Public Hospitals.IIII20162018
Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik Abreham Hiluf Endale Teju Ameer Klandar Getnet Mengistu Mekonen Sisay Tigist Gashaw Negussie BussaPharmacological activities of Caesalpinia Decapetal and Verbena OfficinalisIIIII20162018
Zelalem Teklemariam Fitsum Weldegebreal Habtamu Mitiku Frehiwot Mesfin Shimelis NugusseNutritional Status and Factora Associated with Length of Hospital Stay among Surgical Patients in Dilehora Hospital and Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hos[ital, Eastern etjiopia- Institution Based Prospective CphortIIIII20162018
Lemma Negesa Degu Abate Tewelde G/hawerya Tilaye Feto Tesahle MulatuBreast cancer Awareness, Screening Practice and factors associated among Rural Women Aged Above 20 Years in Kersa District, Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaIIIV20162018
Teshale Mulatu Yadeta Dessie Tilaye Feto Tewelde G/HawareyaPrevalence and Factors Associated with Adverse Birth Outcomes among Women who Give Birth at Selected Puplic Hospitals In Eastern EthiopiaIIIV20162018