Sub-theme 4.1. Society, Culture, and Tourism


This sub-theme is meant to investigate and conserve socio-cultural values and historical and natural heritage resources so as to harness, promote and communicate them for sustainable development of the society.


Society and culture is a conceptually based research theme that intends to promote awareness of the socio-cultural continuities, problems and changes within societies and cultures. Its results could provide knowledge to critically analyse complementary and contrasting viewpoints about people, societies, cultures, environments, and their interactions across time. This particularly addresses societal issues, various heritages, linguistic and literary resources and their usefulness for tourism. Such socio-cultural resources are better communicated to the society across the globe through different media. The role of media for tourism, development, good governance, education etc. will be addressed.

This sub-theme specifically draws on cross-disciplinary problems and social issues such as sociology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, social psychology, social ecology, language, literature, communication, culture, and heritage resources, and tourism.  All our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems imbedded within the socio-cultural values and norms. Conversely, present ecological problems cannot be clearly understood and sustainably resolved without resolutely dealing with societal problems. For example, apart from those problems, natural catastrophes and economic, ethnic, cultural, and gender inequality challenges lay at the core of the most serious ecological dislocation the country faces today.

Research Areas

4.1.1. Heritage and tourism

4.1.2. Socio-cultural dynamics

4.1.3. Language and literature

4.1.4. Media and communication

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