Sub-theme 4.2. Educational Advancement and Quality Assurance


This sub-theme aims at research for generating knowledge, skills, innovations, technologies and best practices for improving educational quality, relevance, equity, standard, quality assurance, and educational leadership.


This sub-theme focuses on improving the quality of teaching-learning process, student learning competence and achievements, professional development, leadership development, educational planning, curriculum enhancement, school education improvement programmes, application of ICT and other technologies for enhancing quality of education, and inclusive education. It also deals with interlinking education with research results, with community based education, with industries as well as businesses. The sub-theme also focuses on finding ways of creating enabling environments and facilities for teaching and learning, including for special-need students. Educational standards, dimension, models, and tools for quality assurances are also the thrust of this theme. The sub-theme also deals with research on student assessment, guidance and counselling, and the link between quality assessments and policy interventions as well as functional adult literacy and other forms of non-formal education.

Research Areas

4.2.1. Quality education

4.2.2. Educational planning and management

4.2.3. Special needs and inclusive education

4.2.4. Curriculum inquiry 

4.2.5. Applied psychological research

4.2.6. Basic Science education

4.2.7. Mathematics education

4.2.8. Assessment and evaluation of teaching-learning

4.2.9. Educational quality assurance

4.2.10. Adult education and community development


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