InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Tadele Deressa Hambisa Ensarmu Emana BeyeneDigital documentation and contextual anaysis of selected oromo children's folklore (Riddles and Narratives): A case study in Haramaya and Chiro districtsIVI20142016
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Jira MekuriaCoserving and revitalizing the indigenous culture of Ethiopian peoples: Heera and Seera in HarargheIVI20142016
Daniel Belis Reta Duguma Emana BeyeneRoles of Indigenous knowledge for sustainable development and revitalization of natural environment: The experiences of gara mul'ata, xulo and jarso distracts of two hararghe zonesIVI20142016
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Mohammed Hassen Tamrat HaileBasketry among afar wommen: an anlysis of its historical, economic, artistic and gender dimensionsIVI20142016
Tesfaye Gudeta Dr. Dereje TadesseMIDG2 and the condition of primary education in eastern Ethiopia: Assessing interpreation, implementation, achievements, experiences and challengesIVII20142016
Dr. Yilfashewa Seyoum Dr. Garkebo BashaAdult education: current pratices, relevance and implications to sustainable development (The case of Eastern part of Ethiopia)IVII20142016
Hewan Fikadu Bizatu Mengiste Degeye goshu Koye Kassa Ejigu AlemuPractices and challenges of functional adult literacy programme implementation in Eastern EthiopiaIVII20142016
Zigale Tamiru Bamlaku Tadesse Zelalem DesalegneGender and climate change adaptations: The case of Shinelle pastoral and agro-pastoral community, eastern EthiopiaIVIII20142016
Zelalem Desalegne Amare Mabrie Bamlaku Tadesse Hirut YirgaGender and milk value chain development in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia: The case of Dire Dawa city adminstration and Jigjiga zone of somali regional stateIVIII20142016
Sultan Kassim Dr. Adem Kedir Dr. Glory Nirmala K.Determinants and the socio-economic cost of violent crimes in oromia:The Case of east and west hararghe zonesIVIV20142016
Geremew Chala Abdeta EmanaOromo oral literature for enviromental conservation: A study of selected folksongs in east and west hararge zonesIVI20152017
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Anteneh Derribew Desta RobaThe cultural/social-historical archacology of some ancients rock arts sites of eastern hararghe (Laga oda, goda agawa, laga gafra, kombolcha, dakkata & gursum)IVI20152017
Esie G/wahid Zelalem Endalamaw Maereg TeklayEcotourism potential evaluation and modeling for livelihood diversification using IKONOS technology & fuzzy multi criterial decision analysis in babile district eastern oromia ethiopiaIVI20152017
Desta Roba Emana BeyeneDiversity, culture of peace and tolerance in harar and dire dawa cities: implication for national integrationIVI20152017
Jira Mekuria Yeneneh TarikuSafeguarding intangible cultural heritages of ethiopian peoples: mirryssaa folksong in harargheIVI2017
Gemechu Abera Fituma YadasaAssesment practices of students with specific learning difficulties (SLD): The case of selected primary school in eastern harargezone, oromia regional stateIVII20152017
Dr. Alemayehu Getachew Hunduma DagimInvestigating the causes for poor reading habit behind ethiopian university students and its implication for achieving education: the case of eight selected government universityIVII20152017
Fikadu Belda Melkamu Alemu Fanose MengistuInterlingual orthographic interference errors: The case of haramaya, gursum, hirna and chiro grade nine studentsIVII20152017
Dr. Garkebo Basha Sirak Demelah Dr. Meseret ChemdisaUniversity-industry linkage: practies, challenges and implications to science and engineering education in HLIs in the eastern part of ethiopiaIVII20152017
Sirak Demelash Sisay Awgichew Tesfaye MunyePolicy directions, practices and challenges of early childhoold care and education in eastern ethiopiaIVII20152017
Sisay Awgichew Dr. Yilfashew SeyoumTeachers' practice of active learning methods (ALMs) as a response to improving Practices, prospect and chllenges in realizing the transformational power of adult and non-formal education with particular emphasis to functional adult literacy in east Ethiopia (the case of dire dawa, harari and east hararghe)IVII20152017
Yordanose TekleThe role inclusive education in enhancing quality education in primary schools of in eastern and western hararghe zonesIVII20152017
Million Kebede
Mustefa Mohammed Olani Wakjira
Yordanose Tekle Million Kebede Mustefa Mohammed Olani WakjiraFolk media communication system as a community development in rural areas: The case of selected districts in eastern and western hararge zonesIVIII20152017
Ayana Beyene Tesfaye Gudeta Fikadu BeldaSemantics and pragmatic outlook of place names as an indication of population settlement: The case of eastern ethiopiaIVIII20152017
Kelemua Zenebe Helina Befekadu Eskedar MolaEvaluation of ethiopian orphan and vulnerable children caring alternatives: The case of current government stands to expand domestic adoptionIVIII20152017
Abiot Asmamaw Dr. Dereje TadesseChallenges and approaches to socio-economic sustainabilty of khat crop dependent communities amidst diminishing international markets: east hararghe in focusIVIII20152017
Admkew Haile Christian FelekeChallenges of strategic management practice: A case study in selected public organizations in eastern ethiopiaIVIV20152017
Iyob Tesfay Hailu Adugna Gutema Imana Tesfaye Gudeta Haftamu KirosHuman Trafficking From Ethiopia to the Middle East and Its Effects: The Case of Eastern EthiopiaIVI20162018
Dereje Tadesse Adinew Tadesse Gutema Immana Hunduma Dagim Muluken Hussen Melkamu AbetuMaking Advanced Standard Afaan Oromo-English Dictionary (Hardback and Electronic) Project Team & Participants Names and AffiliationIVI20162018
Million Mekonnen Birhanu Midekso Dereje TadesseThe Role of Tourism in Ecological Balance and Alleviation of Socio-Cultural Problems of East Ethiopian University Students of Hramaya, Dire Dawa and JigjigaIVI20162018
Geleta Sitota Sisay Awagichew Anwar Ahmed Endris SeidPractices and Challenges on the Implementation of Early, Primary and Secondary Education in Eastern EthiopiaIVII20162018
Gemechu Abera Endiris SeidExisting Situations and Best Practices in the Area of Employees' Institutional Behavior to enhance Quality Educational Performance, the Case of Public Universityies of Eastern EthiopiaIVII20162017
Tesfaye Gudeta Adinew Tadesse Anwar Ahmed Ambachewu Tarakegn Yordanos TekeleStatus and Implementation of Cooterative Learning in Modular Approach: The Case of English Language and Literature Program in Four UniversitiesIVII20162018
Anwar Ahmed Yordanos Tekle Melkamu AlemuTeaching Effectiveness of Postgraduate Diploma Program Gradeuates in The Case of Secondary Schools of eastern & Western HarargeIVII20162017
Endris Seid Ambachewe TarekegnPerceptions of Street Peoples' Life:- Begging and Its Impact on Beggars' Psycho-Social Behavior, The Case of Selected cities in Eastern EthiopiaIVIII20162018
Genet G/Hiwot Hilina BefkaduThe Gender Dimension of Climate change and Variability in Eastern Harerge Zone, Oromia reignal stateIVIII20162018
Gutema Imana Dereje Tadesse Tesfaye Gudeta Emana Beyene Ayana Beyene Birhanu MidaksoThe Sociopolitical Role of Women in Oromo Traditions: Implications and Applications in empowering Women Implications and Applications in empowering WomenIVIII20162018
Ashenafi Negash Zenebe MosheRegulating Relationship among Actors of Criminal Investigation: The Case of Hararghe ZoneIVIV20162018
Alemayehu Yismaw Mulugeta Getu Gebayaw Abraha Daniel Esubalew Serkalem EshetieAccess to Justice for Poor and Vulnerabele People: What Role Legal Aid? The Case of East Hararghie, West Hararghie and Harari RegionIVIV20162018