Sub-theme 4.4. Governance and the Rule of Law


This sub-theme is designed to investigates how the governance system is designed and influences the well-functioning of various socio-political environs; generate knowledge and understanding of how to enhance good governance and alleviate multi-faceted problems that challenge the country;  and investigate the policy, legal, and institutional framework underlying conflict management system, intellectual property rights protection and development, land rights and tenure security, access to justice and family rights; and reveal the gaps and shortcomings therein.


This sub-theme generally addresses integrated issues in governance, institutions, access to justice, conflict management, land rights protection, and the socio-economic as well as business environment. It touches up on all the nature, norms, roles and evolution of institutions in the economy and other vital institutions and organizations. The governance aspect of this study focuses on understanding how the governance system in Ethiopia facilitates or hinder the sustainable development process. It also inquires on the policy, legal and institutional frameworks of state machineries and customary systems that define, support, and stimulate economic and social interactions. This sub-theme with its wide areas of concept, context and content is, thus, identified to contribute to our understanding of the multi perspectives features, structures and functions of the rule of law, land administration, conflict management, real world economic institutions and organizations.

Research Areas

4.4.1. Governance and leadership

4.4.2. Property rights

4.4.3. Land laws and institutions

4.4.4. Conflict management and peace building

4.4.5. Human rights and access to justice


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