Sub-theme 4.3. Population, Gender, and Development


This sub-theme aims at analysing gender-based issues, modernization and development, and population dynamics.


This sub-theme includes studies on issues that are related to gender such as gender-based violence, gender analysis, gender and livelihoods, gender mainstreaming, gender and poverty, gender and social vulnerability, gender auditing and budgeting,  gender and population, and gender disparity in higher education, leadership positions, economic and political spheres, gender and HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, gender and energy, gender and media, gender and natural resource management, gender and climatic change, gender sensitive governance, and empowerment of women. In relation to population, the sub-theme focuses on factors that affect the population structure such as migration, fertility, mortality and marital status. It also gives emphasis on socio economic changes and levels that determine the living status and quality of life of the society.

Research Areas

4.3.1. Gender and development 

4.3.2. Population dynamics


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