Haramaya University Research Policy(Draft)

Growth and development requires transformation of all sectors of a nation. Demand-driven research plays a key role in this transformation. With this regard, Haramaya University (HU) has made great contribution in the generation and dissemination of knowledge and technologies in Ethiopia. However, in order to address the growing demands for new technologies and innovations in the country, the University should engage in more rigorous and demand-driven research. Though it has been engaged in research activities since its establishment as college of agriculture, the university does not have comprehensive policy to direct its research undertakings. Thus, this policy document is developed to ensure the relevance, quality and impact of research activities carried out in the University. In the process of developing this research policy, challenges that the University encountered to realize its research vision and mission were assessed. Besides, experiences of different national and international higher learning institutions were consulted.

In this research policy, critical elements for successful research undertakings such as human resource, finance, infrastructure, research process management, research ethics, and dissemination of research outputs and assessment of their impacts have been addressed. This policy, therefore, provides a framework towards ensuring transparency and accountability in all research endeavors of the University. Moreover, it serves as a foundation for the development of any other guidelines and working documents pertaining to research undertakings in the university. It is hoped that researchers will find the document useful and abide by it for the realization and accomplishment of the research vision and mission of our University.