InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Ashenafi ChalchisaThe need for computerised purchase management system and its implementation: The case study of haramaya university purchase departmentIIII20142016
Dr. Abi Taddesse Dr. Endale Teju Dr. Abebaw Adgo Dr. Niguse Dechassa Dr. Tesfahun Kebede Prof. Isabel Diaz Getachew Yirga Leta Takele Megeresa FeyissaSynthesis and characterization of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and heterojunction nanocomposites for photocatalytic, solar cell, sorption and desorption applicationsIIIII20142016
Leta Takel Dr. Abi Tadesse Abebaw AbunSolar cell device construction and characterization based on TiO2 modified with Ag and Zn oxide nanoparticlesIIIIII20142016
Teshome Gonfa Ayalew Temesgen Leta TakeleDatura stramonium L.seed oil; alternative locally avilable non-edible feedstock source for biodisel production in EthiopiaIIIIII20142016
Bekele Gadissa Solomon Ali Desta DugassaMicroalgae as feed stock for laboratory scale biodiesel production in EthiopiaIIIIII20142016
Dr. Getachew Abebe Dr. Mashilla DejeneOptimal fungicide volume analysis through measurement of tomato leaf early blight (Altenaria solani) and septoria (septoria lycopersici) severities using image processingIIIIV20142016
Solomon Abera Fikru DibisaInvestigation intoroot with selected wheat varieties for bread productionIIIIV20142016
Solomon Abera Selamawit GoitomBlending of wheat varieties with anchote (coccinia abissinica (Lam.) cogn) for improving the nutritional content of wheat breadIIIIV20142016
Kibru Gebremichael Gereziher Weldegebrie Berhanu MengsteDesign and development isolated word speech recognition system to command and contrrol fugugaa afan oromo word processorIIII20152017
Dr. Abi Tadesse Zewidu Bezu Enyew AlemayehuRemoval of dyes from textile industry waste by photocatalysis using zeolite supported biogenic NP codoped ZnO-CuO nanocompositsIIIII20152017
Dr. Abebaw Adgo Abi Taddese Leta TakelelNanostrcutured Zinc oxide/graphenated polyaniline hybrid material as electrochemical sensor for organophosphate pesticides and toxic heavy metalsIIIII20152017
Dr. Asfaw Kebede Dr. Asfaw Kebede Habtamu AbebeModelling the hydrological response to land use land cover changes and soil and water conservation measures in the upper basin of great ethiopian renaissance dam: The case of fincha'a blue nile sub-basinIIIIII20152017
Dr. Asfaw Kebede Tesfaye MebrateModeling the effects of spatial scale and distribution of soil and water conservation practies on runoff generation: facilitating up-scaling of best practices in the ethiopian highlandsIIIIII20152017
Dr. Solomon Abera Ashenafi G/HawariatIntegration of solar thermal system for improved energy consumption in low temprature industrial process case: Harar brewery factoryIIIIII20152017
Dr. Patrick D.Cerna Seifu NedaService quality assessment of instructional laboratories in haramaya universityIIIIII20152017
Endale Teju Leta Takele Abi Taddese Dr. Abebaw AdgoFabrication and characterizatio of low cost and efficient solar cells using hybrid organic-inorganic pervskitesIIIIII20152017
Dr. Solomon Abera Prof. B.K. KumabharUtilization of cactus pear in food formulations for health and food securityIIIIV20152017
Prof. B.K. Kumabhar Dr. Solomon Abera Dr. Selvakumar Desta DuggassaDevelopment of injera processing technology for automation/mechanizationIIIIV20152017
Adem Hiko Yimer MuktarMicrobiological quality of commerical soft drink products on the markets of eastern ethiopia townsIIIIV20152017
Dr. Biressaw Serda Dr. Anteneh Wondimu Dr. Berhanu Seyoume Feyera GobenaDetection and determination of aflatoxin level in ready-to-eat (roasted and fresh) groundnut and liver function test among groundnut users in eastern ethiopia: health hazard analysis and possible interventionsIIIIV20152017
Teshome Kebede Kasahun Takele Aboma Temesgen Daniel BifutSpatiotemporal Dynamics of tuberculosis in East Hararge Zone, Oromia region, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Samuel Getachew Wassu Mohammed Endalew GetnetAutomatic Potato Disease Identification Using Digital Image Processing in Haramaya and Kombolcha districts, Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Faizur Rashid Berhanu Mengiste Tilahun SheferawStudent Engagement Information Systems Mobile Application for Haramaya UniversityIIII20162017
Abi Taddesse Abebaw Adgo Nigussie Dechssa Tesfahun Kebede Isabel Diaz Solomon Abera Endale Teju Zewdu Bezu Tesfa Oluma Ayalew Manahilie Manuel SanchezFabrication of Advanced Materials for Agricultral and Environmental ApplicationsIIIII20162018
Bekele Gadissa Abebe Fanta Workalemahu Manaye Ashenafi G/HawariyatDesign and Simulation of Solar Powered Water Pumping System for Use by Smallholder Farmers and Livestock Producers in Haramaya Woreda, Eastern Oromiya, EthiopiaIIIIII20162018
Birhanu Bayissa Zewdu Bezu Endale Teju Teklemariam GueshPhysicochemical Analysis and Utilization of Two Common Weeds (Lantana camara and Parthenitum Hysterorus L.) Grown in Eastern Ethiopia for Production of Ethanol as BiofuelIIIIII20162018
Zerihun Shambel Ewonetu Kebede Melese Mengistu Tesfahun LamboroEvaluation of Plant Materials in Traditional Milk Handling, Processing and PreservationIIIIV20162018
Daniel Alemu Solomon Abera Tsehay AlemuProduct Development and Characterization of Common Bean In Eastern EthiopiaIIIIV20162018
M. Selvamuthukumaran Solomon Abera B.K. Kumbhar Kishor H. Gedam Tesfaye Germew Deribe TesfayeValue Addition of Tamarind Fruit for Developung Antioxidant Rich Food ProductsIIIIV20162018
Tesfaye Lemma Dejenie BirileDesign and Development of Microcontroller Based Fault Tolerant Control System for Infant Incubator.IIIV20162018
K. Kathiresan Berhanu Beri Dawit AbateUtilization of Waste Soft Drink Bottle Caps Wastages as Fiber in ConcreteIIIV20162017
Abebe Fanta Bekele GadissaMecharch Sorghum Threshing and Dehulling In Eastern Ethiopia.IIIV20162018
Tafari Daba Shoeb QuraishiDevelopment of one day Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and Isohytal Map for east Wollegaand Horo Guduru Wollega Zones, EthiopiaIIIV20162017