Contact Information

Dr. Ashebr Abraha (DVM, MSc, Assistant Professor),

Editorial Manager of the East African Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

College of Veterinary Medicine, Haramaya University,

P.O.Box 138, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Mobile: +251-910-898705 or +251-924-930639


Focus areas

Manuscripts related to economically important large and small farm animals, poultry, equine species, aquatic species, and bees, as well as companion animals such as dogs, cats, and cage birds, and laboratory animals are particularly welcome. Manuscripts written on the subjects of basic sciences and clinical sciences related to veterinary medicine, nutrition, and nutritional diseases, as well as the breeding and husbandry of the above-mentioned animals and the hygiene and technology of food of animal origin, as well as papers describing the animal-related aspects of Life Sciences at molecular level (proteomics) or environment and animals (or humans), biotechnology are also under the domain of the Journal.

Instruction for Authors