Sub-theme 1.1. Animal Production and Health


The aim of this sub-theme is to enhance the livelihood of farmers/producers through improving animal production and productivity.


The sub-theme focuses on animal genetics (breed improvement), reproductive physiology and biotechnology, and management improvement, enhancing the quality and availability of existing feed resources and/or seeking alternative economical feed resources, rangeland related potentials and problems, investigating meat and milk and value addition on products, and improvement in the marketing of livestock and livestock products.

The sub-theme also incorporates research directed at identifying animal health problems, determining the temporal-spatial magnitude of diseases, disease prioritization, modelling and risk factors analysis, development of improved methods of disease tracking and monitoring, and clinical/surgical research as a prelude to design appropriate animal disease management packages. The research sub-theme investigates the biopharmaceutical and pharmacological aspects of herbal and ethno-veterinary medicines, development of diagnostics and diagnostic technologies, therapeutics, vaccines and biologicals as well as examining ways to enhance the quality and efficiency animal health care service delivery.

Research Areas

1.1.1. Development and promotion of animal production and products

1.1.2. Animal disease epidemiology and development of animal disease management packages

1.1.3. Pastoral and agro-pastoral animal productivity improvement

1.1.4. Animal genetic resources improvement, conservation, and management

1.1.5. Development and evaluation of veterinary therapeutics, diagnostics and biologicals

1.1.6. Animal feeding and nutrition


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