InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Bruh Asmelash Mahlet DawitMolecular geneticcharacterization of indigenous chickens of eastern EthiopiaVII20142016
Dereje Atomsa Duguma DibbisaFloristic composition, vegetation structure and natural regeneration status of hirna forest, oromia regional state, west hararghe zone, EthiopiaVII20152017
Dr. Manikandan Muthuswamy Dr. Meserete ChimdessaImpacts of UV- and UV-A radiations on biochemical and growth responses of selected vegetable crops in eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Dr. J.M. Sasikumar Olana KumessaAnalysis of secondary compounds and their reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging properties of spices from eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Temesgen Tolla Tamiru Oljira Manikandan Muthuswamy Keneni ArarisaIdentification of color blindness among selected primary school children in hararghe region, eastern ethio[piaVII20152017
Dr. Tamiru Oljira Olana Kumessa Gudina Egeta Temesgen TolaEvolution of human ABO blood group system with plasmodium falciparum malaria in malaria endemic areas of east and west hararghe zones of oromiaVII20152017
Duguma Dibbisa Dereje AtomsaMethod optimization for banana (Musa spp.) micropropagation through in vitro culturing of shoot apex and nodal explantsVII20152017
Dr. Meseret Chimdessa Dereje Atomsa Megersa FeyisaAnalysis of secondary compounds and antimicrobial properties of guava (Psidium guajava L.)VII20152017
Dr. Misrak Kebede Tewodros BezuPrevalence and characterization of black rot of cabbage in eastern hararge and its management on seeds of cabbage in eastern hararge and its management on seeds of cabbage with actinomyceteVII20152017
Andarge Zelalem Dr. Ameha KebedeIsolation and characterization of some microbes and evaluation of ability in degrading plastic wastes; the case of around haramaya and harar townsVII20152017
Keneni Ararisa Dr. Yohannes PetrosAssessment of genetic diversity of harar coffee (coffea arabica L.), from eat and west hararge zone, ethiopia, using ISSR molecular markerVII20152017
Dr. Ameha Kebede Yigashea Asferi Tsegu Kiros Dr. Manikandan MuthuswamyInvitro anti bacterial and anti-fungal activities of selected plant extracts against some medically and agriculturally important pathogensVII20152017
Dr. Negussie Bussa Anteneh Belayneh Dr. Biressaw Serda Berihanu Motbaynor Tsegu Kiros Ararso NagariTraditional medicinal plants against human and livestock ailments in hararegie, eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Dr. Getachew Abebe Mesele MathewosInvestigation and implementation of numerical methods for calculations of grain size distributionVIIII20152017
Manaikandan Muthuswamy Meseret ChimdessaProduction of Bio-fuel from Invasive Weeds (Prosopis and Striga)VII20162018
Olyad Erba Dereje Atomsa Meseret Chimdessa Teshome Gonfa Anteneh Belayneh Negussie Bussa Duguma Dibbis Tamiru Oljira Estifanos Hawaz Ameha Kebede Haftom BrhanePhytochemical Extractions, Their Component Analysis and Evaluation of Their Role for Health, Environment Management, and IndustryVII20162018
J.M.Sasikumar Meseret Chimdesa Ameha Kebede Misrak KebedeEcological and Ethnobotanical Studies, and Bioactive Evaluation of Medicinal Plants of Different Vegetations of Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Sisay Menkir Sewnet MengistuA study on Macro-Invertebrates diversity, Water and Sediment Quality, and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Water Bodies around Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Enyew Alemayehu Dagne BayihInvestigation of the Level of Cholesterol Contents and Heavy Metals in Edible oils Commercially Available in Harargae Markets, EthiopiaVIII20162018
Dagne Bayih Tesfaye Muluye Teshome Gonfa Temesgen Achanmo Abi Tadesse Tamado TenaAssessment of the Level of Concentration of Pesticides in Aquatic Fauna and Terrestrial Plants, and their Degradation in Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaVIII20162018
Haftu Brhane Gelana Amente Endale TamiruAssessment of Net Radiation in building Materials, Houses of different types and Buildings of Different ConditionsVIIII20162018
Seleshi Demie Solomon BekeleNetwork Queues in Hospitals: Modeling and Performance EvaluationVIIV20162018