Sub-theme 3.5. Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Industrial Technology


The aim of this sub-theme is to analyse the current practice of designing and construction of civil works for improvement and to investigate the existing bridges, historical buildings, and monuments to renovation and conservation.


The focus areas of the research will be construction and urban infrastructure which incorporate civil structures design and construction, geotechnical investigations, water supply and hydraulic structures, development and efficient and effective utilization of construction materials, construction technologies and management, highway and transportation engineering, maintenance of civil structures, renovation and preservation of historical buildings and monuments, integrated urban planning and design, land use and waste management in urban areas, assessment and monitoring of civil infrastructures, and related issues.

One of the focus areas of the sub-theme is urban development and construction industry which incorporate urban planning and design, civil infrastructure monitoring, assessment, and maintenance systems, geotechnical investigations, development and efficient and effective utilization of construction materials, construction management and technology, planning, and economics, and policy of transportation engineering and related issues.

The other focus area of the theme is design, manufacturing and industrial technology which includes automotive innovation, advanced materials, energy and power; design and development; thermal and systems engineering, designing and manufacturing, industrial automation and control system, quality control (an engineering approach), and motor vehicle engineering. The focus area shall also include farm power, agricultural machinery engineering and mechanization which will deal with possible areas of research like characterization of soils of eastern Ethiopia in terms of their physical and mechanical properties, design, construction, performance evaluation and introduction of improved tillage, planting, harvesting, and processing machinery, investigation into physical and mechanical properties of plant and animal products, studies on potential, prospect and limitation of draft animal, human being, wind, solar and bio-energies and optimum utilization of the same.

Research Areas

3.5.1. Urbanization, Urban development, and construction industry

3.5.2. Designing, manufacturing, and industrial technology

3.5.3. Farm power, agricultural machinery engineering and mechanization

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Research priorities 2017

Research priorities 2016