InvestigatorsTitleThemeSub-themeStart yearEnd year
Belayneh Engidawork Dr. Kefelegn KebedeEfficiency of artifical insemination service and reproductive performance of smallholder dairy cows in and around Harar,II20142016
Melese Mengistu Ewonetu Kebede Biressaw SerdaEnthobotanical knowledge of pastoralists for the treatment of livestosk diseases in pastoral community of Shinle Zone, Ethiopian Somaliland regional stateII20142016
Tarekegn Getachew Negasi Ameha Estifanos Hawaz Teklemariam GueshEffect of probiotic lactic acid bacteria supplementation on productive trait, egg quality and egg cholesterol level of bovan brown layersII20142016
Mitiku Eshetu Ameha Kebede Tadele AmentieMilk handling practies, microbial quality and saftey of raw cow milk across the supply chain in eastern EthiopiaII20142016
Mohammed Yusuf Dr. Mengistu Urge Shashie AyeleComparative performance evaluation of blackhead ogaden, horro, and washera sheep breeds reared under similar feeding managementII20142016
Dr. Shimelis Mengistu Dr. Daniel Shiferaw Dr. Negesse MekonnenPrevalence, antibiotic susceptibility parttern of mycobacterium bovis and its public health importance in camel carcass slaughtered in dire dawa and jigjiga abattoits, EthiopiaII20142016
Sisay Lemma Temesgen TerefeEffect of egg storage method and length on chicken egg quality and hatehabilityII20142016
Temesgen TerefePre-testing of new modern and traditional integration hive technology (Temesgen integrated modern and traditional hive) at haramaya university college of agro-industry and land resource's apiary, west hararghe, Ethiopia scale farmers in west hararghe zone, oromia national regional state, EthiopiaII20142016
Seltene Abady Getachew Liku Desalegn YadetaParticipatory variety selection and evaluation of sixteen sorghum [Sorghum bicolor(L) Moench] varieties grown in lowland s of Eastern HarargheIII20142016
Dr. Wassu Mohammed Dr. Getachew AbebeGenetic variability and classification of hararghe coffe (coffea arabica L.) accessions based on image analysis and conventional bean quality inspection: Application to coffee quality ispection and selection of coffe accessionsIII20142016
Dr. Wassu MohammedCharacterization and evaluation of okra [Abelmoschus esculentus L. (Moench)] collections and development of varieties, in eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Prof. Chemeda Fininsa Dr. Mashilla Dejene Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik Beimnet AbegazDistribution, epidemiology, and management of pepper (capsicum spp.) powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica) in eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Dr. Mashilla Dejene Prof. Chemeda Fininsa Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik Abu JamboEpidemology, characterization and management of onion (Allium cepa L.) purple blotch (Alternaria porri) in Eastern EthiopiaaIII20142016
Duguma Dibbisa Zekeria YusufIn vitro micropropagation of apple (Malus domestica)III20142016
Dr. Mashilla Dejene Tewodros BezuIntegrated management of downy mildew [perosospora destructor (Berk.) caspary] of onion (allium cepa L.) in eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Dr. Lisanework Nigatu Dr. Tamado TanaMass rearing, release and evaluation of the impact of biological control agent zygogramma bicolorata on the invasive weed parthenium hysterophorus in estern EthiopiaIII20142016
Prof. Chemeda Fininsa Muluken GoftishuEcology, genetic diversity, and biological control of cereal stem borers in eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Nano AlemuAdaptation of amaranth cultivation and utilization in Ethiopia as food securityIII20142016
Nano Alemu Ayalew TemesgenPromotion of seed and Grain pit storage Technlogies in the local seed system through seedIII20142016
Prof. K.Vasanthakumar Tewodros Bezu Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik Dr. Nigussie DachassaCollection and establishment of eastern hararghe mango germplasm and standardization of asexual propagation methodsIII20142016
Kaleab Kebede Hiwot Mekonen Bosena TegegnEconomic evaluation of soil and water conversation practices of smallholder farmers for sustainable maize production in East HarargheIIII20142016
Bereketabe Nega Dr. Ameha KebedeCost effective pilot scale production of orgabic liquid biofertillizer using cow dung and plant residues with isolated microorganisms (Azotobacter)IIII20142016
Sintayehu Workeneh Anteneh BelayenehCarbon stocks potential nad estabilishing a carbon baseline and payment scheme for ecosystem services in Eastern Hararghe, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Amisalu Milkias Dr. Habtamu Zeleke Teshale TadesseAssessment of the effects of selected in-situ rain water harvesting techniques on maize production and soil moisture conservation in Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaIIII20142016
Solomon Bezabeh Ashenafi Yimam Dr. Solomon Tekalign Maereg TeklayAppraisal of soil nutrient depletion rates and consortium watershed management practices; along finkile, haramaya and adele lake basinIIII20142016
Abebe Teklu Shimelis BerhanuHydrological processes and sediment yield analysis using swat model under different management practice in un-gauged haramaya lake watershedIIII20142016
Getachew Workineh Gedamu AmareSpatio-temporal analysis of climate dynamics in Eastern Ethiopia: A road map for Agricultural water management and sustainale rural livelihoodsIIII20142016
Seleshi Demie Solomon BekeleJelalu Kemal Biniam Tsegaye Sisay Alemu Dr. Nateneal TameratIdentification of tick and major tick-borne diseases of cattle and small ruminants in haramaya university and chiro campus farms with in-vitro acaricidal efficacy evaluation of calpurnia aurea and otostegia integrifolia against ticksII20152017
Anteneh Wondimu Yimer MuktarIn vitro antibacterial, and anthelmintic activities of crude extraction of parthenium hysterphorus leave,bark, root and flower against haemonchus contorus and pathogenic bacterial strains.II20152017
Dinaol Belina Wondwesen Belachew Ararsa Duguma Sisay Lemma Adem HikoAssessment, pathological and bacteriological study of reproductive diseases and disorders of demale camels in eastern ethiopiaII20152017
Dinaol Belina Adem Hiko Ararsa Duguma Sisay LemmaAssessments, pathological and etiological studies on defects downgrading skin and hide quality in eastern ethiopiaII20152017
Dr. Amare Eshetu Dr. Tesfaheywet Zeryehun Dr. Shimelis Mengistu Dr. Dinaol BelinaStudies on major causes of infertility in dairy cows in east and west Hararge Zones, Ethiopia"II20152017
Dr. Berhanu Sibhat Dr.Shimelis mengistuPreliminary survey on the sero-epidemiology and histopathology of neosporosis in selected dairy farms and feral chickens of eastern ethiopiaII20152017
Dr. Shimelis Mengistu Dr. Amare Eshetu Alem Alemayehu Dr. Negesse Mekonnen Dr. Daniel ShiferawIsolation, detectionm of sources of infection and antibiotic susceptibility pattern of salmonella serotypes in beef in haramaya university, EthiopiaII20152017
Dr. Daniel Shiferaw Dr. Birhanu Sibhat Dr. Tesfaye Sisay Dr. Dawit KassayeInvestigation of milk qualiti probelems and antibiotic residuals in raw and marketed milk of eastern ethiopiaII20152017
Dr. Berhanu Sibhat Shimelis Mengistu Sisay AlemuPreliminary survey on the sero-epidemiology and histopathology of neosporosis in selected dairy farms and scaenging chickens of eastern ethiopiaII20152017
Dr. Mitiku Eshete Dr. Mengistu Urge Bekele Amanu Merga Baissa Yesihak YusufEffect of post-partum dam nutrition and calf rearing practices on performance of indigenous ogaden cows and calves at haramaya university beef farmII20152017
Dr. Fitsum Alamayehu Nateneal TameratEpidemiological investigation of middle eastern respiratory syndrome-corona virus (MERS-COV) in ethiopiaII20152017
Prof. Chemeda Fininsa Zelalem Bebeko (PhD Stu) Prof. Temam HussienEpidemiology and Genetic Diversity of Gray Leaf Spot (Cercospora zeae-maydis) and Genetics of Resistance in Maiza to the Disease in EthiopiaIII20152017
Prof. Nigussie Dechassa Prof. J.J. Sharma Dr. Tamado Tana Anteneh Argaw Getachew Bekele Dr. Ameha KebedeEnhancing groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) productivity through plant spacing and fertilizer management in eastern hararghe zone, eastern EthiopiaIII20152017
Mulatu Wakgari Lemma Degabasa Ashenafi KassayStudy on mango fruit fly species (Diptera:Tephritidae) composition relative importance, extent of damage and its integrated management in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Ashenafi Kassaye Dr. Mulatu WakgariAstudy on two-spotted spider mites (Tetrancychus urticae) with special emphasis on distribution, Damage level and integrated management on potato (Solanum tuberosum) IN eastern EthiopiaIII20152017
Dr. Firew Mekbib Tesfaye WalleDrought tolerance, genetic diversity, genotype by environment interactions and yield stability analyses of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L) walp.] in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Dr. Firew Mekbib Hibstu AzezeWhite lupin (Lupinus albus L) national variety trialIII20152017
Dr. Habtamu Zeleke JJ Sharma Dr. Mashilla Dejene Ms. Birtukwan YimamGermplasm Enhancement, maintenance and breeders seed production of maize (Zea mays L.) in easter EthiopiaIII20152017
Dr. Lemma Wogi Nano AlemuCropping system and crop residue management for enhancement of soil fertility and crop productivity in east and west hararghe zones, eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Prof. Nigussie Dechassa Dr. Tamado Tana Prof. J.J.Sharma Anteneh ArgawResponse of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to bio and mineral fertilizer application in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Mulu Fetahi Yemane GirmaIntegration of wheat varietal resistance with fungicides against yellow rust of wheat (Puccinia striiformis F.Sp. Tritic) and, determination of pathotype variability in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Amare KebedeSeame (Sesamum indicum L.) technology development and release via farmers participatory variety selectionIII20152017
Arayaselassie Abebe Tesfaye Muluye Dage Bayih Tebekagn Hiwot Abebe Haileyesus Girma Berhanu Yazew Solomon SebesbewEcological assessment and study of wetland ecosystems in eastern hararghe, ethiopiaIIII20152017
Emeru Assefa Mesfin Areda Dr. Asfaw KebedeModeling of non-point source pollution around lake haramaya using swat model: A case of haramaya catchmernt, ethiopiaIIII20152017
Gezahegn Weldu Anteneh Derbew Dr. Solomon Tekalign Dr. R.U.ReddyIdentification of high soil erosion risk area and thir policy implication using triple techniques (Geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing (RS) and revised universal soil loss equation (RUSEL) model along gobele watershed, east hararghe zone, oromiyaIIII20152017
Meseret Dawit Birhanu KindishihEnhancing and evaluating smallholder drip iirigation technology for food security and sustainable growth of the poor rural livelihood around haramaya weredaIIII20152017
Mengistu Teshome Musie Kibrab Kbrom Ambachew Etefa Guteta Ermias Bekure Alemayehu BeyeneDiversity, carbon stocks and socio-economic role of dindin natural forest: anchar district, west hararghe, oromia national regional state, ethiopiaIIII20152017
Muktar Reshad Mohamed Sultan Ahmed Alemayehu BeyeneIntegration of multi-data sets to analyze chronosequential successional stage changes of a set of essential woody plant characteristics in tropical afro-montance forests: The case of jello-muktar forest, west harargheIIII20152017
Negassi Ameha, Yilkal Tadele, Tegene Negesse, Khushi Ram Yadav, Yoseph,Tadesse Bogale, Wolde Petros Ergicho, Mengistu Urge, Takele Wolkaro, Aweke Daniel Tagesse Tadesse Temesgen Dijamo Kemer YimamReplacement of Maize with Finger millet (Eleusine Coracana) Grain in Broiler RationsII20162018
Anteneh Wondimu, Yehualashet Bayu, Getnet Fekadu, Biressaw Serda, Mahilet Dawit, Bruh Asmelash, Negasi Ameha, Yoseph TadesseGoat production imrovement Project: Nematodes Parasites of Goats, Diagnosis, With Emphasis on Anthelminthic Efficacy and Resistance and Testing of Possible Endogenous controlling Strategies (Ethno Veterinary Practices) in Eastern HarargheII20162018
Mengistu Urge, Feyissa Kera, Getnet Fekadu, Yehualashet Bayu, Anteneh Wondimu, Belayneh EngidaworkDairy Productivity Improvement: Evaluation Of Tossign As Feed Additive, Calf Mortality and Morbidity Assessment, and Artificial Insemination Efficiency and Reproductive Performance CharacterizationII20162018
Ashebr Abraha , Sisay Alemu, Jelalu Kemal, Berhanu Sebhat, Mengistu Urge, Yosef Tadesse, Hassen Abdurehman, Takele WolkaroCamel Productivity Improvement Project in Eastern EthiopiaII20162018
Amisalu Milkias Habtamu Zeleke Teshale Tadesse Tamado Tena, Habtamu Zeleke, JJ Sharma, Mekuannet Belay, Birtukan Yimam, Melaku ZewdieEffect of Mulch, Tied ridges and N Fertilizer Rates on Soil Moistre, Striga Infestation and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Eastern Hararghe Zone, EthiopiaIII20162018
Melese Mengistu Dereje Atomsa Arayaselasie Abebe Dinkayehu Alemneh Takele Wolkaro Dargo KebedeStatus and Utilization of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Resources in Eastern ethiopiaIII20162018
Anteneh Argaw, Bulti Tesso, Yonas Moges Tariku Simion Wassu Mohamed Ibsa Aliye Habtamu TerefeScreening Phosphorus Efficient Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgari L.) Genotype of Low-Input Agro-Ecosystems: Its Productivity and Mycorrhizae Colonization in Ciontrasting Soil P ContentIII20162018
Wassu Mohammed Anteneh Bekele K. Vasantkumar Muluken DemekeAdvanced and Multi-Location Yield Trials of Okara (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moenchi ) Genotypes for Variety DebelopmentIII20162018
Mulatu Wakgari Tarekegn Getachew Ashenafi Kassay Tesfay BelayEvaluation of Eri Silkworm (Samir Cynthia Ricini Boisduval) Races and Local castor Bean (Ricinus Communits L.) Genotypes fo Silk Producaiton in Eastern Ethiopia and Assessing the Potential of Eri Silkworm Larvae as a Substitute for Soya Bean Meal in Broiler RationIII20162018
Lemma Degebasa Tamado Tena Juhar AbasAssessment of the Importance and Developing Integrated Management of Parasitie Weed (Orobanche sps) On Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) in Eastern EthiopiaIII20162018
Bulti Merga Wassu Mohammed Nebiya Jibril Abiyou Debasso Shewameneh Seyoum Burtukan YimamDevelopment of Methods for Quality Carrot Seed Production: Emphasis to Haramaya I Carrot VarietyIII20162018
Tamado Tena Wassu Mohammed Simret Burga Kinde Tesfaye Nigussie DechassaIdentifying Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options on Potato (Solanuma tuberosum L.) Production in Eastern EthiopiaIII20162018
Haile Arefayne Maereg Teklay Gebyaw AbrahaIntegrated Water Resources Potential Estimation and Management and their Implications to Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Security in Haramaya Woreda, Oromia Regional State, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Kassaye Hussien Shimelis Berhanu Gezahegn WelduGIS Based Multi-Criteria Land Suitability Analysis for Surface Irrigation along Erer Watershed, East Hararghe, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Mesfin Areda Emru AssefaHydrologic Balance of Lake Adele Catchment: How Close is Lake Adele to Experience The Same Fate as Lake HaramayaIIII20162018
Kbrom Ambachew Mehari Gidey Birhanu KindishihMapping The temporal and Spatial Variability of Soil Salinity Using Rmotely Sensed Satellite Imagery in Hramaay Agricultural LandsIIII20162018
Estifanos Hawaz Sissay Menkir Teklemariam GueshIsolation and molecular characterization of lactic acid bacteria from dhanaan and and evaluation of its in vitro growth inhibition activities against Helicobacter pyloriIII20142016
Ayele Geleto Hiwot Yisak Gudina Egata Degu AbateIntensified tuberculosis case finding and implementation of isoniazid preventive therapy among people living with HIV at public healthfacilities of harari national regional state, eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Behailu Hawulte Degu Abate Asnake ArarsaAnemia and its determinants among haramaya university students, eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Kedir Urgessa Nejat HassenCommunity based study of Voluntary Blood Donation Knowledge and Practice and their determinants among adults in Harar Town and Dire Dawa Adminstrative council, East EthiopiaIII20142016
Zerihun Ataro Fekadu UrgessaClinical, Biochemical and Hematological Effects of Occupational Lead Exposure Among Garage workers, Harar Town, Eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Yohannes Tefera Biniyam NegussieOpportunities and challenges to intergrate micro and small enterprises in solid waste management for common residential buildings (condominiums) in harar and dire dawa citiesIII20142016
Meron Yeshitila Dr. Mandefro Sintayehu Dereje Meaza Haymanot Mezmur Sheferaw Leta Abera Kenay Tahir AhmedActive trachoma and associated risk factors among children 1-9 years of age in haramaa wereda, eastern harerge EthiopiaIII20142016
Hussein Mohammed Abdulbasit Musa Najet HassenAssessment of prevalence of dysmenorrhoea and PMS and its effect on school performance among secondary school adolescent girls.III20142016
Nega Baraki Wondimye AshenafiAwareness onpublic health importance of cockraches and its prevalence in residential houses of harar town, harari region, eastern EthiopiaIII20142016
Beker Feto Dr. Dagnachew Sama Dr.Haji KedirAssessment of seroprevalence of rubella infection and associated risk factors among pregnant women in harari region, eastern ethiopia; disclosing mothers susceptibility to rubella infectionIII20142016
Konjit Hailu Moti ToleraPrevalence of salmonella, shigella, intestinal parasite and antimicrobial resistance parttern among food handlers of haramaya university; An interventional researchIII20142016
Moti Tolera Degu AbateMagnitude, rise factors and antimicrobial susceptiblity profile of hospital acquired infection, among patients admited to hiwot fana specialized university hospital, harar city, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Tekabe Abdosh Fitsum W/Gebreal Zelalem T/Mariam Habtamu Mitiku Tekabe AbdoshMagnitude of cardiovascular diseases and its risk factors in diabetic patients in dire dawa city adminstration, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Yonatan Moges Hiwot Yisak Andualem Dereje Firehiwot MesfinEffect of multiple micronutrient supplementations in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in eastern Ethiopia: arandomized controlled traialIIII20142016
Jemal Mohamed Zelalem T/Mariam Fitsum W/Gebreal Yimaj Abdulwahab Habtamu MitikuClinico-epidemiological of Schistosomia mansoni and malacolgical study in Bedeno Woreda, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Aboma Motumma Tahir Ahmed Abera Teklwold Lemma NegesaPrevalance of common matal illness and associated factors among HIV positive patientson ART in hiwot fana and jugel hospitals, harari regional state, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Fekadu Urgessa Zerihun Ataro Abdela GemechuImpact of HBV and HCV infection on clinical chemistry and immunohaematological outcomes of highly active antiretroviral therapy among HIV patients at hiwot fana university specialized hospital, harar, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Mulugeta Nega Agumasie Semehegn Amein EwunetieDrug non adherence and associated factors, among patients with major psychiatric disorders attending at psychiatry clinics of hiwot fana specialized university hospital and dire dawa chora hospital, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Bitseat Weldegebriel Tesfaye Digaffe Fitsum W/GabrielDeterminants of serum lipid profile and body fat distribution among diabetic patients in harar town, eastern EthiopiaIIII20142016
Simegnew Adugna Dr. Belachew BachaDetection and quatification of frequently used veterinary drugs form bovine meat and milk, eastern ethiopiaIIIII20142016
Hiwot Yisak Tilaye Feto Balewgize Sileshi Tesfaye GobenaImpact of zinc supplementation on stunting among children aged 6 to 59 months: Community based randomized control trail, in haramaya rural kebele, eastern Ethiopia, 2014IIIII20142016
Fitsum W/Gebreal Tesfaye DigaffeDietary diversity and associated factors among HIV positive adults attending ART clinic at hiwot fana and dilchora hospitals eastern EthiopiaIIIII20142016
Asnake Ararsa Hiwot Yisak Gudina EgataFood security and nutritional status of under five chilred among productive safety net program beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries in east hararge zone kombolcha woredaIIIII20142016
Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik Abreham Hiluf Hiwot Yisaknutritional profiles of tuberculosis patients in selected Hospitals in Harar and HaramayaIIIII20142016
Abreham Hiluf Fitsum W/Gebreal Hiwot Yisak Bizatu Mengistea Merhawi G/MedhinAssessment of community attiude towards urban health extension programm and associated factors in harar townIIIV20142016
Elias Bekele Fekadu Urgessa Yadeta DesieMaternal and perinatal outcomes of a pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes and asssociated risk factors among pregnant women attending antenatal care clinic in hiwot fana specialized referral hospital, harar town, eastern Ethiopia. A longitudinal studyIIIV20142016
Haymanot Mezmur Agumasie Semahagne Balewgizie SileshiKnowledge and Partograph Utilization for prompt decision among Health Professionals for Quality Maternity care at public health institutions Eastern Ethiopi; Information for ActionIIIV20142016
Abdella Gemechu Abdulbasit Musa Jemal AbdelaRisk factors and microbial isolates in puerperal sepsis and their in vitro antibiotic sensitivity in hiwot fana specialized university hospitals, eastern EThiopiaIIIV20142016
Dagu Abate Asnake ArarsaPre-harvest microbial load, prevalence and antibiograms of selected vegetables in eastern ethiopia 2016III20152017
Wegene Waltenegus Wagi TosisaAwareness on health benefits of physical exercise and its practice for prevention of common chronic diseases among adults in harar twon, eastern ethiopia, 2015III20152017
Binyam Negussie Mulugeta NegaEpidemiological assessment of mental health problems and its contributing factors among public university students of eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Nejat Hassen Ayichew SeyoumSurvival and predictors of mortality among patients under multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment in eastern ethiopiaIII20152017
Birhanu Motbaynor Shimelis Kumbi Alemu TadesseIsolation and characterization of antimicrobial compounds from the exudates of antimicrobial compounds from the exudates of traditional medicinal plant croton marcostachyus (Bisana)IIII20152017
Maereg Teklay G/hiwot G/tsaddik Esie G/wahid Abadi Abay Sisay Menkir Mekonen Yimer Melkamu MeridRadar sat based malaria risk analysis, characterization and modeling in erer district eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Zelalem T/Mariam Habtamu MitikuSeroprevalance, trends of transfusion transmitted infections and evaluation of pre donation screening performance at blood banking unit in eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Habtamu Mitiku Zelalem T/MariamNon-typhoidal salmonella bacteremia and its co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus among a patients in hiwot fana and jugal hospitals, harar, eastern ethiopiIIII20152017
Zerihun Ataro Jiregna Feye Tekabe AbdoshMagnitude and risk factors of non-communicable diseases among HIV positive individuals receiving HAART at hiwot fana specialized university hospital, harar eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Gari Hunduma Tesfaye Digaffe Fitsum WeldegebrealDeterminants of common mental illness among residents of harari regional state, eastern ethiopiaIIII20152017
Juhar Abas Andargie Zelalem Lemma DegebasaMicrobiological quality and safety of readymade meat and its products in retail market of aweday town, southeastern ethiopiaIIIII20152017
Tilayie Feto Yadeta Dessie Aklilu Abraham Aboma Motumma Yehonis Ayelew Nega Assefa Fikirte TsigeInitiating human breast milk banking services in hiwot fana haramaya specialized university hospital(Human milk bank foundation in ethiopia), 2015-2020IIIII20152017
Abebe Getu Getachew GashawThe level of aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, and G2) in wheat and corn flours produced in harerge region using triiple quad liquid chromatography with mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS)IIIII20152017
Getachew Gashaw Abebe Getu Muketar ReshidEvaluation of antioxidant activity, total phenolic and total flavonoids content of four medicinal plants; the case of gemechis western hararge regionIIIII20152017
Dr. Tesfaye Gobena Dr. Gudina Egata Anteneh EshetuDeterminants on utilization of delivery services in health posts among pregnant women who gave birth in the last 12 months in rural kebeles of east hararghe zone, eastern ethiopiaIIIV20152017
Mulugeta Nega Haymanot Mezmure Mulatuwa AyalewThe prevalence associated factors and impacts of premenstrual dysphoric disorder on academic and social performances of haramaya university female studentIIIV20152017
Wegene Waltenegus Selamawit ErisoThe Knowledge and attitude of urban pregnant women towards pre-Birth physical activity in the case of selected Hospitals in Harar and Dire Dawa Cities, EthiopiaIII20162017
Behailu Hawulte Tewdros Tesfa Melkamu MeridSelf-Care Practice and Associated Factors to Prevent Diabetic Complications Among Diabetic's Patients Attending Follow Up Clinic at Public Health Hospitals of Harar and Dire DawaIII20162017
Degu Abate Behailu Hawulte Chala Mohammed Ayele Geleto Twodros TesfaSeroprevalence of Hepatitis B Virus and Potential Risk Factors Among Health Care Providers, Waste Collectors and Clinically Engaged Students in Public Health Facilities of Eastern EthiopiaIII20162018
Biniyam Negussie Mesfin G/Hiwot Tesfaye DigaffeCommunity's Perception towards Environmetal Causes of major Communicable Diseases: A Study Using Mixed Design in Harari Region, Eastern EthiopiaIII20162017
Wegene Waltenigus Eyasu Merhatsidk HJ Van HeerdenAnthropometric Profile and Physical Performances fo Youth Football Players in The Ethiopian Foothall Talent Identification ProgramIII20162017
Zerihun Ataro Melkamu Merid Aklilu Abreham Tesfaye DigafeGender Differences in Perceived Stigma and Coping Strategies; and Impairments of Renal and Hepatic Function among HIV Positive Patients in Harar Town, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Yohanes Ayele G.Vijai Basker Tilayie Feto Yadeta Dessie Behailu HawulteAssessment of Quality of Pharmacy Services and Associated Factors in Public Hospitals in Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Dadi Marami Shiferaw Letta Andualem Derese Degu Abate Lemma NegesaPrevalence of Urinary Tract Infection, Antimicrobialsusceptibility Pattern of Isolates, and Associated Factors among Women and Fistula Patients attending Governmental Health Facilities and Hamlin Fistula Center in Harar, Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Fitsum Weldegebreal Aklilu Abrham Abyot Asfaw Mahantash Neganuri Bahubali JG. Frehiwot Mesfin Hilina Befekadu Eden Tesfaye Habtamu Mitiku Tamrat Tesfaye Zelalem TeklemariamGender role, Case finding by genotyping and Quality of life among TB patients, treatment adherence among MDR-TB cases and treatment outcomes among children with TB cases in Eastern EthiopiaIIII20162018
Tigist Gashaw Mekonnen Sisay Getnet Mengsitu Tewodros Tesfa Firehiwot Amare Yohanes BayeDetermination of prescription pattern, susceptibility testing, and drug use evaluation of antibacterial agents in governmental hospitals of Harar town, Eastern Ethiopia.IIII20162018
Teshager Worku Frehiwot Mesfin Yehenew Mekonnen Maleda Tefera Berhanu Yazew Mulugeta NegaOccupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Associated Factors Among Nurses in Selected East Ethiopia Referral and Teaching Public Hospitals, 2017.IIII20162018
Meron Yishitila Teshager Worku Frihiwot Mesfin Shiferaw Leta Tilaye FetoEvidence-Based Practice Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Associated Factors among Professional Nurses and Physicians in Harari Regional State, Eastern Harerge Zone and Dire Dawa City Administration Public Hospitals.IIII20162018
Gebrehiwot Gebretsadik Abreham Hiluf Endale Teju Ameer Klandar Getnet Mengistu Mekonen Sisay Tigist Gashaw Negussie BussaPharmacological activities of Caesalpinia Decapetal and Verbena OfficinalisIIIII20162018
Zelalem Teklemariam Fitsum Weldegebreal Habtamu Mitiku Frehiwot Mesfin Shimelis NugusseNutritional Status and Factora Associated with Length of Hospital Stay among Surgical Patients in Dilehora Hospital and Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hos[ital, Eastern etjiopia- Institution Based Prospective CphortIIIII20162018
Lemma Negesa Degu Abate Tewelde G/hawerya Tilaye Feto Tesahle MulatuBreast cancer Awareness, Screening Practice and factors associated among Rural Women Aged Above 20 Years in Kersa District, Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaIIIV20162018
Teshale Mulatu Yadeta Dessie Tilaye Feto Tewelde G/HawareyaPrevalence and Factors Associated with Adverse Birth Outcomes among Women who Give Birth at Selected Puplic Hospitals In Eastern EthiopiaIIIV20162018
Ashenafi ChalchisaThe need for computerised purchase management system and its implementation: The case study of haramaya university purchase departmentIIII20142016
Dr. Abi Taddesse Dr. Endale Teju Dr. Abebaw Adgo Dr. Niguse Dechassa Dr. Tesfahun Kebede Prof. Isabel Diaz Getachew Yirga Leta Takele Megeresa FeyissaSynthesis and characterization of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and heterojunction nanocomposites for photocatalytic, solar cell, sorption and desorption applicationsIIIII20142016
Leta Takel Dr. Abi Tadesse Abebaw AbunSolar cell device construction and characterization based on TiO2 modified with Ag and Zn oxide nanoparticlesIIIIII20142016
Teshome Gonfa Ayalew Temesgen Leta TakeleDatura stramonium L.seed oil; alternative locally avilable non-edible feedstock source for biodisel production in EthiopiaIIIIII20142016
Bekele Gadissa Solomon Ali Desta DugassaMicroalgae as feed stock for laboratory scale biodiesel production in EthiopiaIIIIII20142016
Dr. Getachew Abebe Dr. Mashilla DejeneOptimal fungicide volume analysis through measurement of tomato leaf early blight (Altenaria solani) and septoria (septoria lycopersici) severities using image processingIIIIV20142016
Solomon Abera Fikru DibisaInvestigation intoroot with selected wheat varieties for bread productionIIIIV20142016
Solomon Abera Selamawit GoitomBlending of wheat varieties with anchote (coccinia abissinica (Lam.) cogn) for improving the nutritional content of wheat breadIIIIV20142016
Kibru Gebremichael Gereziher Weldegebrie Berhanu MengsteDesign and development isolated word speech recognition system to command and contrrol fugugaa afan oromo word processorIIII20152017
Dr. Abi Tadesse Zewidu Bezu Enyew AlemayehuRemoval of dyes from textile industry waste by photocatalysis using zeolite supported biogenic NP codoped ZnO-CuO nanocompositsIIIII20152017
Dr. Abebaw Adgo Abi Taddese Leta TakelelNanostrcutured Zinc oxide/graphenated polyaniline hybrid material as electrochemical sensor for organophosphate pesticides and toxic heavy metalsIIIII20152017
Dr. Asfaw Kebede Dr. Asfaw Kebede Habtamu AbebeModelling the hydrological response to land use land cover changes and soil and water conservation measures in the upper basin of great ethiopian renaissance dam: The case of fincha'a blue nile sub-basinIIIIII20152017
Dr. Asfaw Kebede Tesfaye MebrateModeling the effects of spatial scale and distribution of soil and water conservation practies on runoff generation: facilitating up-scaling of best practices in the ethiopian highlandsIIIIII20152017
Dr. Solomon Abera Ashenafi G/HawariatIntegration of solar thermal system for improved energy consumption in low temprature industrial process case: Harar brewery factoryIIIIII20152017
Dr. Patrick D.Cerna Seifu NedaService quality assessment of instructional laboratories in haramaya universityIIIIII20152017
Endale Teju Leta Takele Abi Taddese Dr. Abebaw AdgoFabrication and characterizatio of low cost and efficient solar cells using hybrid organic-inorganic pervskitesIIIIII20152017
Dr. Solomon Abera Prof. B.K. KumabharUtilization of cactus pear in food formulations for health and food securityIIIIV20152017
Prof. B.K. Kumabhar Dr. Solomon Abera Dr. Selvakumar Desta DuggassaDevelopment of injera processing technology for automation/mechanizationIIIIV20152017
Adem Hiko Yimer MuktarMicrobiological quality of commerical soft drink products on the markets of eastern ethiopia townsIIIIV20152017
Dr. Biressaw Serda Dr. Anteneh Wondimu Dr. Berhanu Seyoume Feyera GobenaDetection and determination of aflatoxin level in ready-to-eat (roasted and fresh) groundnut and liver function test among groundnut users in eastern ethiopia: health hazard analysis and possible interventionsIIIIV20152017
Teshome Kebede Kasahun Takele Aboma Temesgen Daniel BifutSpatiotemporal Dynamics of tuberculosis in East Hararge Zone, Oromia region, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Samuel Getachew Wassu Mohammed Endalew GetnetAutomatic Potato Disease Identification Using Digital Image Processing in Haramaya and Kombolcha districts, Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaIIII20162018
Faizur Rashid Berhanu Mengiste Tilahun SheferawStudent Engagement Information Systems Mobile Application for Haramaya UniversityIIII20162017
Abi Taddesse Abebaw Adgo Nigussie Dechssa Tesfahun Kebede Isabel Diaz Solomon Abera Endale Teju Zewdu Bezu Tesfa Oluma Ayalew Manahilie Manuel SanchezFabrication of Advanced Materials for Agricultral and Environmental ApplicationsIIIII20162018
Bekele Gadissa Abebe Fanta Workalemahu Manaye Ashenafi G/HawariyatDesign and Simulation of Solar Powered Water Pumping System for Use by Smallholder Farmers and Livestock Producers in Haramaya Woreda, Eastern Oromiya, EthiopiaIIIIII20162018
Birhanu Bayissa Zewdu Bezu Endale Teju Teklemariam GueshPhysicochemical Analysis and Utilization of Two Common Weeds (Lantana camara and Parthenitum Hysterorus L.) Grown in Eastern Ethiopia for Production of Ethanol as BiofuelIIIIII20162018
Zerihun Shambel Ewonetu Kebede Melese Mengistu Tesfahun LamboroEvaluation of Plant Materials in Traditional Milk Handling, Processing and PreservationIIIIV20162018
Daniel Alemu Solomon Abera Tsehay AlemuProduct Development and Characterization of Common Bean In Eastern EthiopiaIIIIV20162018
M. Selvamuthukumaran Solomon Abera B.K. Kumbhar Kishor H. Gedam Tesfaye Germew Deribe TesfayeValue Addition of Tamarind Fruit for Developung Antioxidant Rich Food ProductsIIIIV20162018
Tesfaye Lemma Dejenie BirileDesign and Development of Microcontroller Based Fault Tolerant Control System for Infant Incubator.IIIV20162018
K. Kathiresan Berhanu Beri Dawit AbateUtilization of Waste Soft Drink Bottle Caps Wastages as Fiber in ConcreteIIIV20162017
Abebe Fanta Bekele GadissaMecharch Sorghum Threshing and Dehulling In Eastern Ethiopia.IIIV20162018
Tafari Daba Shoeb QuraishiDevelopment of one day Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and Isohytal Map for east Wollegaand Horo Guduru Wollega Zones, EthiopiaIIIV20162017
Tadele Deressa Hambisa Ensarmu Emana BeyeneDigital documentation and contextual anaysis of selected oromo children's folklore (Riddles and Narratives): A case study in Haramaya and Chiro districtsIVI20142016
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Jira MekuriaCoserving and revitalizing the indigenous culture of Ethiopian peoples: Heera and Seera in HarargheIVI20142016
Daniel Belis Reta Duguma Emana BeyeneRoles of Indigenous knowledge for sustainable development and revitalization of natural environment: The experiences of gara mul'ata, xulo and jarso distracts of two hararghe zonesIVI20142016
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Mohammed Hassen Tamrat HaileBasketry among afar wommen: an anlysis of its historical, economic, artistic and gender dimensionsIVI20142016
Tesfaye Gudeta Dr. Dereje TadesseMIDG2 and the condition of primary education in eastern Ethiopia: Assessing interpreation, implementation, achievements, experiences and challengesIVII20142016
Dr. Yilfashewa Seyoum Dr. Garkebo BashaAdult education: current pratices, relevance and implications to sustainable development (The case of Eastern part of Ethiopia)IVII20142016
Hewan Fikadu Bizatu Mengiste Degeye goshu Koye Kassa Ejigu AlemuPractices and challenges of functional adult literacy programme implementation in Eastern EthiopiaIVII20142016
Zigale Tamiru Bamlaku Tadesse Zelalem DesalegneGender and climate change adaptations: The case of Shinelle pastoral and agro-pastoral community, eastern EthiopiaIVIII20142016
Zelalem Desalegne Amare Mabrie Bamlaku Tadesse Hirut YirgaGender and milk value chain development in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia: The case of Dire Dawa city adminstration and Jigjiga zone of somali regional stateIVIII20142016
Sultan Kassim Dr. Adem Kedir Dr. Glory Nirmala K.Determinants and the socio-economic cost of violent crimes in oromia: The Case of east and west hararghe zonesIVIV20142016
Geremew Chala Abdeta EmanaOromo oral literature for enviromental conservation: A study of selected folksongs in east and west hararge zonesIVI20152017
Dr. Dereje Tadesse Anteneh Derribew Desta RobaThe cultural/social-historical archacology of some ancients rock arts sites of eastern hararghe (Laga oda, goda agawa, laga gafra, kombolcha, dakkata & gursum)IVI20152017
Esie G/wahid Zelalem Endalamaw Maereg TeklayEcotourism potential evaluation and modeling for livelihood diversification using IKONOS technology & fuzzy multi criterial decision analysis in babile district eastern oromia ethiopiaIVI20152017
Desta Roba Emana BeyeneDiversity, culture of peace and tolerance in harar and dire dawa cities: implication for national integrationIVI20152017
Jira Mekuria Yeneneh TarikuSafeguarding intangible cultural heritages of ethiopian peoples: mirryssaa folksong in harargheIVI2017
Gemechu Abera Fituma YadasaAssesment practices of students with specific learning difficulties (SLD): The case of selected primary school in eastern harargezone, oromia regional stateIVII20152017
Dr. Alemayehu Getachew Hunduma DagimInvestigating the causes for poor reading habit behind ethiopian university students and its implication for achieving education: the case of eight selected government universityIVII20152017
Fikadu Belda Melkamu Alemu Fanose MengistuInterlingual orthographic interference errors: The case of haramaya, gursum, hirna and chiro grade nine studentsIVII20152017
Dr. Garkebo Basha Sirak Demelah Dr. Meseret ChemdisaUniversity-industry linkage: practies, challenges and implications to science and engineering education in HLIs in the eastern part of ethiopiaIVII20152017
Sirak Demelash Sisay Awgichew Tesfaye MunyePolicy directions, practices and challenges of early childhoold care and education in eastern ethiopiaIVII20152017
Sisay Awgichew Dr. Yilfashew SeyoumTeachers' practice of active learning methods (ALMs) as a response to improving Practices, prospect and chllenges in realizing the transformational power of adult and non-formal education with particular emphasis to functional adult literacy in east Ethiopia (the case of dire dawa, harari and east hararghe)IVII20152017
Yordanose Tekle Million Kebede Mustefa Mohammed Olani WakjiraThe role inclusive education in enhancing quality education in primary schools of in eastern and western hararghe zonesIVII20152017
Yordanose Tekle Million Kebede Mustefa Mohammed Olani WakjiraFolk media communication system as a community development in rural areas: The case of selected districts in eastern and western hararge zonesIVIII20152017
Ayana Beyene Tesfaye Gudeta Fikadu BeldaSemantics and pragmatic outlook of place names as an indication of population settlement: The case of eastern ethiopiaIVIII20152017
Kelemua Zenebe Helina Befekadu Eskedar MolaEvaluation of ethiopian orphan and vulnerable children caring alternatives: The case of current government stands to expand domestic adoptionIVIII20152017
Abiot Asmamaw Dr. Dereje TadesseChallenges and approaches to socio-economic sustainabilty of khat crop dependent communities amidst diminishing international markets: east hararghe in focusIVIII20152017
Admkew Haile Christian FelekeChallenges of strategic management practice: A case study in selected public organizations in eastern ethiopiaIVIV20152017
Iyob Tesfay Hailu Adugna Gutema Imana Tesfaye Gudeta Haftamu KirosHuman Trafficking From Ethiopia to the Middle East and Its Effects: The Case of Eastern EthiopiaIVI20162018
Dereje Tadesse Adinew Tadesse Gutema Immana Hunduma Dagim Muluken Hussen Melkamu AbetuMaking Advanced Standard Afaan Oromo-English Dictionary (Hardback and Electronic) Project Team & Participants Names and AffiliationIVI20162018
Million Mekonnen Birhanu Midekso Dereje TadesseThe Role of Tourism in Ecological Balance and Alleviation of Socio-Cultural Problems of East Ethiopian University Students of Hramaya, Dire Dawa and JigjigaIVI20162018
Geleta Sitota Sisay Awagichew Anwar Ahmed Endris SeidPractices and Challenges on the Implementation of Early, Primary and Secondary Education in Eastern EthiopiaIVII20162018
Gemechu Abera Endiris SeidExisting Situations and Best Practices in the Area of Employees' Institutional Behavior to enhance Quality Educational Performance, the Case of Public Universityies of Eastern EthiopiaIVII20162017
Tesfaye Gudeta Adinew Tadesse Anwar Ahmed Ambachewu Tarakegn Yordanos TekeleStatus and Implementation of Cooterative Learning in Modular Approach: The Case of English Language and Literature Program in Four UniversitiesIVII20162018
Anwar Ahmed Yordanos Tekle Melkamu AlemuTeaching Effectiveness of Postgraduate Diploma Program Gradeuates in The Case of Secondary Schools of eastern & Western HarargeIVII20162017
Endris Seid Ambachewe TarekegnPerceptions of Street Peoples' Life:- Begging and Its Impact on Beggars' Psycho-Social Behavior, The Case of Selected cities in Eastern EthiopiaIVIII20162018
Genet G/Hiwot Hilina BefkaduThe Gender Dimension of Climate change and Variability in Eastern Harerge Zone, Oromia reignal stateIVIII20162018
Gutema Imana Dereje Tadesse Tesfaye Gudeta Emana Beyene Ayana Beyene Birhanu MidaksoThe Sociopolitical Role of Women in Oromo Traditions: Implications and Applications in empowering Women Implications and Applications in empowering WomenIVIII20162018
Ashenafi Negash Zenebe MosheRegulating Relationship among Actors of Criminal Investigation: The Case of Hararghe ZoneIVIV20162018
Alemayehu Yismaw Mulugeta Getu Gebayaw Abraha Daniel Esubalew Serkalem EshetieAccess to Justice for Poor and Vulnerabele People: What Role Legal Aid? The Case of East Hararghie, West Hararghie and Harari RegionIVIV20162018
Admkew Haile Mesay TikuImpact of effective leadership on corporate successVI20142016
Teshome Lejissa Bekelu Teshome Million SileshiCausalities of increment and farm-to-food price dynamics in the context of change in real income: A case of Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaVI20142016
Mukerem Taha Yohannes Mulugeta Mulu BerhanuDeterminants and effect of multidimensional poverty in Western Hararghe zoneVI20142016
Dr. Belaineh Legesse Dr. Jema Haji Alelign AdemeDeterminants of agricultural commercialization and productivity of smallholder farm households in eastern EthiopiaVI20142016
Melese Sitotaw Desalegn AmlakuRural enterpreneurship and small enterprise development in ethiopia, implication for livelihood diversification: The case of east hararghe zone of oromia national regional stateVI20142016
Mesay Tiku Melese Sitotaw Admkew HaileAn assessment of women leadership empowermnet, barriers, challenges, opportunities and experiencesVI20142016
Samiya Abdulahi Amare MabrieUrban multidimensional poverty and vulnerability in eastern Ethiopia The case of dire dawa, harar and jigjiga townsVI20142016
Dr. Jema HajiRural women's non-farm entreprenuship: patterns, determinants, and impacts on household welfare and foood security in eastern EthiopiaVI20142016
Abdurehman Aliye Dr. Adem Kedir Muhammednur AhmedResponsibilities of higher education institutions for sustainable development: The case of Ethiopian universityVI20142016
Aman Kiniso Tofik AbdoAnalyzing determinants of local instutions/organizations for natural resource management and their impacts on conflict management: The case of west Hararghe Zone oromia National Regional StateVI20142016
Ararsa Gudisa Dessaleng Duguma Getachew Workineh Gedamu AmareProspects and Implementation Gaps of current urban land lease holding policy of ethiopia: evidences from dire dawa city.VI20142016
Gashaw Jifara Timketa Dagne Waktole MosisaEnhancing vegetable crop, poultry and fish productivity through integration aquaculture and irrigated agriculture, at chiro, Ethiopia.VI20142016
Henock Semaw Abdurahman Aliyi Saleamlak Walellign Anketse BirhanuFinancial sustainability and outreach performance of saving and credit cooperatives: The case of eastern harargeVI20152017
Dr. Belaineh Legesse Zewdie HabteIndustrial policy impacts on local economy, and quantity supply and incentives in wheat value chain: the case of arsi zone in ethiopiaVI20152017
Ankets Birhanu Tesfaye Abera Dr. Garkebo BashaEntreprencurial motivation and self-employment intention among public and private university undergraduate students: The case of higher institutions in eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Habtamu Balew Fireyihun FikruThe nature and determinationts of urban youth unemployment in eastern ethiopia(The case of harar and jijiga cities)VI20152017
Sima Gudeta Wondmagegn Biru Kibrysfaw GetahunDeterminants of growth and sustainability of micro and small enterprises (MSE's) in eastern ethiopia: evidence from harar, dire dawa and haramayaVI20152017
Ermias Bogale Kiros GtetDeterminants of voluntary disclosure of financial information by ethiopian tax payers: in case of eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Sisay Lemma Wondeson Belachew Mustefa Abdulkadir Daniel TaddesseImproved forage and fruit tree based watershed management for sustainable livelihood of the community: the case of west hararghe highlands, oromia regional state, ethiopiaVI20152017
Sileshi Gadissa Dr. Preetha V.V Dr. Negassi Ameha Tesfaye Muluye Dagne Bayeh Arayaselassie AbebeCommunity based, development of small scale fish farming practices: for nutrition and livelihood diversification in east hararghe and harari, eastern ethiopiaVI20152017
Musa Hasen Kasahun Mamo Amero TazezeAdoption of integrated soil fertility management and its impact on productivity and farmers wellbeing: A case study from maize producing farmers of eastern hararghe, ethiopiaVII20152017
Alemayehu Beyene Muktar ReshadScaling-up of faidherbia albida and moringa ileifera based evergreen agriculture to enhance agricultural land productivity: the case of mieso district, west hararghe, oromia national regional state, ethiopiaVII20152017
Megarsa Debela Sisay DiribaSupply - Demand for Clean Water in Eastern Ethiopia: Challenges of Improved Water ProvisionVI20162018
Mulugeta Damie Sisay Diriba Abdureman AliyiAgricultrual Product Competitiveness, Profitability and Sustainability in Eastern Ethiopia with the Focus of Vegetabe ProductionVI20162018
Abadi Teferi Megarsa DebelaInstitutional Challenges of Poverty Reduction and Household Coping Mechanisms: The Case of Eastern EthiopiaVI20162018
Abdurhaman Aliyi Tesfaye LemmaDetermainants of Compliance Behavior of Taxpayers and Their Compiance Costs in Eastern ethiopiaVI20162017
Alem Mezgebo Haile AregayeneResouce Utilization and Profit Efficiency in Potato Production in Eastern Harerghe, Oromia Regional State, EthiopiaVI20162018
Hadas Temesgen Abdurehman AliyiOpportunities and Chalenges of Cooperatives in Cooperatives in Empowering women the Case of Eastern HarargeVI20162017
Sisay Diriba Nugussie Dachasa Magarsa DebelaSpeed of Technology Adoption In Ethiopian Agriculture System: The Case Of Improved Potato Varicties In Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Muluken Gezahegn Jemal Yousuf Dereje Kifle Nasir AbdaDemonstrating the Potential of Integrated Animal and Crop Source Food to Improve Income, Food and Nutrition of Smallholder Farmers: The case of Horticultural Crop and Poultry in Selected Kebeles of Haramaya DistrictVII20162018
Dereje Kifle Jemal Yousuf Muluken Gezahegn Kadija KadiroInvestory of Demonstrated, Adopted and Sealed Up Agricultral Technologies and Impact Assessment of Selected Scaled Up Technologies in Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Tarekegn Getachew Feyisa Hundessa Tesfaye Lemma Negassi Ameha Admasu BogaleEmpowering Unemployed Educated Urban and Peri-Urban Youth and Women Through Poultry Development at Babile District, Eastern HarargheVII20162018
Mulatu Wakgari Moges Dereje Feyisa Hundessa Tesfaye Lemma Negassi Ameha Admasu BogaleEmpowering rural and urban youth and women through market-oriented small-scale beekeeping development in selected districts of Eastern HarargheVII20162018
Million Sileshi Jema HajiImpact of Soil and Water Conservation Practices on Vulnerability to Food Insecurity of Farming Households in Eastern EthiopiaVII20162017
Bruh Asmelash Mahlet DawitMolecular geneticcharacterization of indigenous chickens of eastern EthiopiaVII20142016
Dereje Atomsa Duguma DibbisaFloristic composition, vegetation structure and natural regeneration status of hirna forest, oromia regional state, west hararghe zone, EthiopiaVII20152017
Dr. Manikandan Muthuswamy Dr. Meserete ChimdessaImpacts of UV- and UV-A radiations on biochemical and growth responses of selected vegetable crops in eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Dr. J.M. Sasikumar Olana KumessaAnalysis of secondary compounds and their reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging properties of spices from eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Temesgen Tolla Tamiru Oljira Manikandan Muthuswamy Keneni ArarisaIdentification of color blindness among selected primary school children in hararghe region, eastern ethio[piaVII20152017
Dr. Tamiru Oljira Olana Kumessa Gudina Egeta Temesgen TolaEvolution of human ABO blood group system with plasmodium falciparum malaria in malaria endemic areas of east and west hararghe zones of oromiaVII20152017
Duguma Dibbisa Dereje AtomsaMethod optimization for banana (Musa spp.) micropropagation through in vitro culturing of shoot apex and nodal explantsVII20152017
Dr. Meseret Chimdessa Dereje Atomsa Megersa FeyisaAnalysis of secondary compounds and antimicrobial properties of guava (Psidium guajava L.)VII20152017
Dr. Misrak Kebede Tewodros BezuPrevalence and characterization of black rot of cabbage in eastern hararge and its management on seeds of cabbage in eastern hararge and its management on seeds of cabbage with actinomyceteVII20152017
Andarge Zelalem Dr. Ameha KebedeIsolation and characterization of some microbes and evaluation of ability in degrading plastic wastes; the case of around haramaya and harar townsVII20152017
Keneni Ararisa Dr. Yohannes PetrosAssessment of genetic diversity of harar coffee (coffea arabica L.), from eat and west hararge zone, ethiopia, using ISSR molecular markerVII20152017
Dr. Ameha Kebede Yigashea Asferi Tsegu Kiros Dr. Manikandan MuthuswamyInvitro anti bacterial and anti-fungal activities of selected plant extracts against some medically and agriculturally important pathogensVII20152017
Dr. Negussie Bussa Anteneh Belayneh Dr. Biressaw Serda Berihanu Motbaynor Tsegu Kiros Ararso NagariTraditional medicinal plants against human and livestock ailments in hararegie, eastern ethiopiaVII20152017
Dr. Getachew Abebe Mesele MathewosInvestigation and implementation of numerical methods for calculations of grain size distributionVIIII20152017
Manaikandan Muthuswamy Meseret ChimdessaProduction of Bio-fuel from Invasive Weeds (Prosopis and Striga)VII20162018
Olyad Erba Dereje Atomsa Meseret Chimdessa Teshome Gonfa Anteneh Belayneh Negussie Bussa Duguma Dibbis Tamiru Oljira Estifanos Hawaz Ameha Kebede Haftom BrhanePhytochemical Extractions, Their Component Analysis and Evaluation of Their Role for Health, Environment Management, and IndustryVII20162018
J.M.Sasikumar Meseret Chimdesa Ameha Kebede Misrak KebedeEcological and Ethnobotanical Studies, and Bioactive Evaluation of Medicinal Plants of Different Vegetations of Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Sisay Menkir Sewnet MengistuA study on Macro-Invertebrates diversity, Water and Sediment Quality, and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Water Bodies around Eastern EthiopiaVII20162018
Enyew Alemayehu Dagne BayihInvestigation of the Level of Cholesterol Contents and Heavy Metals in Edible oils Commercially Available in Harargae Markets, EthiopiaVIII20162018
Dagne Bayih Tesfaye Muluye Teshome Gonfa Temesgen Achanmo Abi Tadesse Tamado TenaAssessment of the Level of Concentration of Pesticides in Aquatic Fauna and Terrestrial Plants, and their Degradation in Eastern Hararghe, EthiopiaVIII20162018
Haftu Brhane Gelana Amente Endale TamiruAssessment of Net Radiation in building Materials, Houses of different types and Buildings of Different ConditionsVIIII20162018
Seleshi Demie Solomon BekeleNetwork Queues in Hospitals: Modeling and Performance EvaluationVIIV20162018
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